Some Cost Saving Tips This Week

I started buying some odds and ends at Ocean State Job Lots this past week. They’re good for spices, flours, exotic oils and gourmet treats, to name a few of their many, many items for sale. Most times their food prices are 50% less than what I would pay at a supermarket or grocery store.


The biggest savings this past week came from our tractor. It was given to us for free from a departing neighbor a few years ago. It runs very well and does a great job cutting our lawn. It breaks down every so often and thankfully, DH can fix it. A few days ago, DH hit a rock and broke the deck. He searched online for a replacement part but the tractor is so old, no replacement parts are available. If we were to purchase a new tractor, starting prices for a unit similar is around $1100. Ugh.

Here’s the part on the tractor deck that broke

DH pulled the part out, looked it over and realized if it could be welded at the crack/split, the tractor might be good to go. He looked at buying a welder but a decent one would cost around $350. That’s a lot of money for just one weld. So, he researched a bit more and found a welder online a few towns over from where we lived. The guy welded the piece for him for $40. DH reinstalled it and the tractor is as good as new. Hopefully, it will last a few more years. Fingers crossed!

Our good ole Scott tractor mower

Lastly, zucchini is in abundance right now and I’ve been able to get a few for mere pennies. I love them in frittatas, breads or just plain fried up. Here I’ve sauteed them in extra virgin olive oil, with onions, plum tomatoes and garlic. Makes a great, healthy side dish toΒ  a NY Strip Steak!



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