You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone

From 2005 to 2015 I owned a beach house in Newport, Rhode Island. It was a half block walk to the ocean. Do you think my kids came? Only if I paid their travel expenses. When the Amtrak fares went up (they doubled) I stopped paying. Needless to say, my kids very rarely trekked out to the beach house any more.

our sailboat 22 ft catalina
My daughter loading gear into our 22 ft. Catalina sailboat
front of beach house
the front of my beach house, filled with hydrangeas
sunset beach
sunset from the end of my block on the west side of Rhode Island

Imagine my surprise when my daughter told me that this summer, for her birthday, she wanted to celebrate it on the beaches of Newport, Rhode Island. She wanted to go back to the clam shacks we frequented. She wanted to sail the safe harbors once again. I usually don’t live backwards. I very rarely go back to where I came from. I like to move forward. I like to move on.

But I have to say, I was intrigued to go back to Newport, Rhode Island also. So, all of us will be spending around two weeks, back in our old haunting grounds, walking the beaches, visiting the parks, attending the concerts, dining at some of the finest restaurants once again. Together. Just like old times.

I’ve always owned two houses at the same time. That’s because I have always been drawn to the mountains AND the beach. So much so that I can never make up my mind what I prefer the best. We used to live at the beach and vacation in the mountains. Now, I live in the mountains and vacation at the beach. When I sold the Newport beach house, I used that money to buy a ‘beach house’ in Sarasota. After 1.5 years, that didn’t work out either, so I sold. (Note: my second homes have all been bought for cash)

I’ve kept the funds from the sale of my second homes sort of liquid. I’ve been on the lookout to buy another vacation home but nothing has caught my eye yet. Somehow the mountain home just seems to make perfect sense. So much so, that there has been no other reason to buy any more houses. If I get the travel bug, we just jump in our RV. Some homes you can consider an asset. Some homes, like vacation homes, can just be a drag on your finances. After a while, they become a liability.

Anyway, I’m signing off from blogging for the next few days. I usually switch to Instagram when I go traveling. You can follow our antics on my Instagram feed (which is on the lower right hand corner): @AdventuresCindi_Nick

Side Note: My older daughter, her husband and my granddaughter will be staying in my NY home while we’re gone so that they can avoid this massive heat index we’re currently going through. Temps today felt like 106F. Not good. They want access to the community pool and I don’t blame them. They’ve promised to be neat. We’ll see.




  1. We’ve gotten off the multi homes so much that we rent now…in Sarasota and are having the time of our lives! Admire that you are taking a blog respite…it’s good for the soul!


    • Laurel, we’ve been thinking of renting. DH’s mother found this great place in Virginia, with all the pools, hot tubs, sports activities, bells & whistles for only $600 a month for a 1 bedroom. Since DH’s whole family has been slowly moving down to Virginia, its worth a thought. We’ll see. I’ve even considered going back to Italy, to retire in the small little fishing village my dad came from. I have a lot of family there too! Again, we’ll see.
      Renting in Sarasota is the way to go! I have such a blast when I go back there now. No cares. No worries. Just fun!
      Thanks for your comment!

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      • Laurel, I love you already! Nothing like Europe but I especially love Italy for obvious reasons. I’ve been to my dad’s home town twice and it’s glorious. Why he left in the first place, I will never forgive him.
        The time to enjoy life is now. My best to you and your family. Have fun (because nothing else makes much sense. LOL!)


  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented before, but this post got me excited. I have read your blog(s) for years, but probably never commented. My disabled husband passed away in May and now that leaves my grown daughter and myself free to travel. We have been full time caregivers for over 10 years. We are considering fulltime Rv-ing or Airbnb or long term extended stays here in this country just to see what we can see. Not ready to travel overseas yet, but might in the future. Enjoy your vacation, Cindi, and know that there are more people reading your posts than you know! BTW, I live in Lake Monticello near Charlottesville and almost all of the retirees here are from NY! Reasonable housing and very peaceful, but close enough to C’ville for stores, museums, and doctors, etc. You should check it out. We are 30 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and it’s about 3 hours to Virginia Beach. There are your mountains and beach for you all in one package!


    • Hi Ann M. My husband’s entire family is moving to Lynchburg which isn’t too far away from you. His sister, mother and all his nieces are moving there! We’ll be visiting with them soon and we will be able to start checking out the area.
      Does it snow where you are? How cold does it get in the deepest of winter? What about August? How hot?
      We’ve driven the Blue Ridge Parkway 2 years ago. Beautiful country for sure. We were thinking of North Carolina for both the mountains and the beach but if we can find that in Virginia, all the better! I don’t want to be more than a days drive away from my kids and grandkids. Something to think about, for sure!
      I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. It must have been a lonely ten years for all of you. If you go RVing, get an all-in-one unit, that’s drive-able…like a Class C. Lots of women are doing it. AirBnB is a good choice also. It’s great that you will be traveling with your daughter. My older daughter and I traveled to Paris for a long week. It was cool being with her. Then I took both my daughters for a 2 week, whirlwind tour of Italy. We visited with our long distance cousins! Amazing experience.
      There are a lot of Aldi stores around where you live and near Lynchburg. I always check that out first before I consider a neighborhood. LOL!
      Please stay in touch and let me know about your travel adventures. And if you need help deciding what RV to get, my husband is a champ at that! He can give you some advice to think about. LOL.
      Again, thank you for your comment.


      • Hi, Cindi, It does snow here, but usually not very much. But sometimes we get 5-8 inches, but then it warms up right away and so we don’t plow our driveway. It melts within a day or so. How’s that for lazy?? We don’t have any place we have to go like WORK so we just let it melt. Its is a temperate zone so doesn’t get too cold here. Once in a while it will get down to zero or below, but I don’t even wear a winter coat here as a rule. Lots of clubs, groups, volunteer activities and, of course, C’ville is just 15 miles away. I’ve thought about telling you about this place for a while. I think you would love it! And fit right in! Summers are not too bad, usually in the 80’s, except for this heat wave we’re having right now. Stay inside or go out during the cool hours of the morning or go to the mountains. It wasn’t so lonely when I was taking care of my husband because I have my daughter and friends to run around with. I started a caregivers’ group here a few years ago and headed that up for about 4-5 years. Then I was queen of a Red Hat group for 3 years and a member for about 5 years. One of the main reasons I love Virginia is because we have the mountains, piedmont and the beach. We go to the Outer Banks, which is only about 4 hours from us. Within a few hours, we have the Shenandoah Valley, Gettysburg, DC, Va. Beach, Richmond and lots of history. Oh, yes, houses are very reasonable here, too. You can find a 3/2 ranch for less than $200K. Come check it out. Let me know when You’re coming our way and maybe we can meet for coffee. Ann M


      • Ann sounds wonderful. I’ve been thinking about it. Thanks for the tip. And thank you so much for reading my blog all these years!!


  3. I can sort of see your daughters perspective. We have a family lake place. It doesn’t feel relaxing to me to go there because I feel like I’m still staying at my MIL home. Sometimes, as you say, having easy access t something makes you appreciate it less, or put baggage with it, intended or unintended. It sounds like a lovely place to vacation.


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