A New Beach Bum Has Been Born

We all grew up on the beach. It’s been a family tradition since as long as I can remember. So, imagine my surprise when my granddaughter proclaimed she hated the beach. She hates the sand. Refuses to walk on it. Her mother or father always had to carry her from the car to the blanket on top of the sand because she would never walk on the beach. My granddaughter hated how the sand felt on her feet. How it got inside her toes. She also despises how hot it can get sometimes at the beach. Her mom bought her a beach shelter. It’s just a little blue pop-up, sort-of-half-tent that she purchased off Amazon. It provides some shelter from the sun and sand. It would be here, for the rest of the day, my little granddaughter would stay and sulk. My own daughter would basically ignore her for the rest of the day because nothing comes between she and her well deserved day at the beach!

newport ri 3.jpg - 1.jpg
Granddaughter with grandpa, hiding out under the blue canopy

This past week, we all vacationed at one of our most favorite beaches, Newport, Rhode Island. True to form, my granddaughter refused to walk in the sand and insisted her mother carry her. At 46 pounds and age 6, her mom finally refused. There was a lot of screaming, crying, pouting and in my case, regretting, that I even agreed to this outrageous behavior.

Who doesn’t love the beach? I don’t know anyone.

I told my granddaughter that sand is magical. Do you know where sand comes from, I asked. She shook her head and said she didn’t know. It’s been ground down from shells, I told her, that have been twirling and rolling inside waves for thousands and thousands of tumbles, over years and years and years, until finally it looks like golden white sparkles of itty bitty strands of sand. I also told my granddaughter that sand contains a magical, secret ingredient. “I’ll whisper in your ear what the secret is but only if you promise not to tell anyone else?” I quietly asked my granddaughter.

Not even mommy?” she asked me.

No, not even mommy. And you can’t tell daddy either.” was my reply. And with that my GD leaned in and I told her the secret. “Special unicorn horns have been pulverized and mixed in with all the sand,” I whispered in her ear, knowing that my GD loved unicorns. Once I told my GD the secret, she pushed back in glee. She had the biggest smile on her face.

I’m not telling mommy,” she agreed with me. “And I’m not telling daddy either.”

It’s our little secret, right?” I asked and confirmed with her.

My granddaughter nodded her head and with that, this is what she did:

Another beach bum has been born. Welcome to the family!



    • Hi Laurel. You’re so funny! I think the love of the beach has to be in your blood. Part of your DNA. I understand about the sand. We just chuck it up. Our car right now is full of it! So, we’ll vacuum it out. That’s all.
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sharon. My granddaughter and I bonded so much! We are in love! She runs to me when she sees me. We hug! We are BFFs. It’s so wonderful to have finally connected with her. She loves her grandma! And I love my granddaughter. I have never felt such joy in my entire life!!!


  1. Thank you for linking up with us, Cindi. And thank you for letting me know you did! I think you and I must be related because I am an A #1 beach bum. I love everything to do with the sea, sand and salt air. Haven’t been in several years so living vicariously through your post and pics. You are raisin’ that youngun up right!


    • HI Leslie. We all grew up on the beach. So, it’s only natural to pass it down from generation to generation. A youngin’ telling her grandma that she dislikes the sand is blasphemy! LOL! WE all have been so revitalized after spending a long week at the beach. That sea salt and fresh air cures almost everything!
      Thanks for your comment, matey! 🙂


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