The Time Has Come For Us To Slow Down

This past week, while DH and I were on vacation, we both discovered the same exact thing: we’re tired. Not simple tired or feeling a bit weakish BUT extremely tired! Almost on the verge of exhaustion.

And why wouldn’t we be exhausted? We’ve been hustling for years and years and years. I think it’s time for both of us to listen to what our bodies are telling us. I think its time for us to slow down and concentrate on the here and now. I’m tired of cooking. I’m tired of cleaning. I’m tired of paying the bills and worrying needlessly. I’m tired of the whole darn thing!

I think a lot of this tired feeling has to do with our ages. I’m tired of traveling. I think we’ve seen all that we want to see. I’m tired of having my house perfectly clean and immaculate. Maybe it’s time to change the linens every 8 days vs every 5. Maybe its OK to let a few dust bunnies grow or vacuum the blinds a bit less. Maybe I can scrub out the tub every two weeks instead of every week. Maybe I can wash down the bamboo floors once a month instead of bi-monthly.

front trim.jpg
Do I really need to weed this? Does it matter? Does anyone truly care?

Do I really need to go food shopping every single week. What about if I buy double and go every two weeks? That means the bill will double but so what? It all evens out at the end of the month, right? What about home delivery. Aldi has started home delivery services now. I’m on the waiting list for my area. I usually get the same things week in, week out. How about I just order it online, pay the fee and let them do the work and deliver the food goods to my front door? Did they invent robots yet to put the groceries away in the pantry?

I’m tired of cooking every.single.meal from scratch. Do I really have to? Can’t I just buy and eat a pre-made salad? I just pop the top and I indulge. Can’t I just just snack healthily throughout the day? Do I really have to sit down to a 3 course dinner? Can’t I get Meals-On Wheels (I qualify for it) and have someone deliver a microwaveable meal to me every week/day/month? I don’t eat as much as I used to. It’s amazing how little I can get by on now.

Ditto for DH. Practically ALL of the home repairs, home remodeling, home updates and home upkeeps have been done. There’s no need for him to tinker anymore. He’s all tinkered out. Does the lawn have to be perfectly manicured each and every week? How about every 2 weeks? Or ten days? Does it really matter that there’s a little bit of overgrowth around the front entrance? I mean, really now? Who’s going to see? Is it alright for a few weeds to spring up here and there in the only 2 flower beds I have?

These are just some of the pondering questions whirling around inside our heads. The time has come to re-evaluate our lives, own up to the reality that yes! we are older, wiser and a bit stiffer in the morning! It’s not a laughing matter. It’s real and it exists. DH and I looked over our RV and realized we’re not going to be traveling cross country with it anymore. We want to stay put. We have found two places on the planet that we love to RV at: the beaches of Newport and the Atlantic Ocean beaches of Florida. We found this really cost effective, no-frills RV site here near Newport AND we found a near perfect RV site along the beaches of central Florida and we booked for next year!

So far, we have booked two sites, one here again in Newport for next summer (the months of July and August) and we have booked along the Treasure Coast line in Central Florida, right on the beach (the months of January, February and March). By renting in a no-frills RV & trailer park we are saving a tremendous amount of money (when we rent by the month, the daily rate drops down to $29). We don’t need a pool, a hot tub, a tennis court, bocce ball court or any of those other ridiculous senior frills. We just need a safe place, with full hook ups (water, sewer and electricity). The fact that where we’ve reserved offers laudromats and free Wi-Fi is just a fabulous bonus. We don’t even need cable or satellite services. We don’t RV so we can stay inside and watch TV!!!!

sun set view florida.JPG

Nick and I have officially resumed the position of beach bum status.

Stick a fork in us. We’re done.

It was foolish of me to think buying a brick and mortar, second retirement home was the way to go. After losing thousands and thousands of dollars from my stupidity, it has turned out that my original plan was the best plan: RVing is the way to go. We already own one home. We don’t need another! We already have a home base. We don’t need any more. It’s true for us that one location just doesn’t suffice. No one brick and mortar home is going to give us what we want out of life. We love the beach. We love the mountains. We love Newport RI. We love to winter in Florida to keep warm. We adore the spring and the fall weather in New York. No one place on this planet is going to fulfill what we desire and need. Unless we do it this new way that we just worked out for ourselves.

The Feds just lowered borrowing rates yesterday (July 31, 2019). This is the best and cheapest time for us to start using other people’s money vs our own. There is no need for us to drain our resources during this stage of our retirement when by just the click of a button we can be living a much better and less strenuous lifestyle. An RV is a toss-away item. I would NEVER recommend borrowing on your home or for a car. Those are necessities and vital for a safe and sound retirement. But to borrow for an RV? At 3% to 4% interest (while earning almost 5% on our investments, plus now an RV will be considered a 2nd home to us, thus rendering all interest as tax deductible) borrowing to purchase a bigger, better, more comfortable RV, for us, is the way in to our future.

blast.jpg - 1.jpg
We had a blast this past week RVing. The WHOLE family loved it! It brought us all closer together. We all shared a similar experience and we all grew tighter together as a family. That’s why we are getting a larger RV to accommodate our family so that they can join us and share in the good times. Life is short. DH and I are tired and we want to be settled. I think we have finally found Nirvana. Life is a journey. I think we have finally found our way.


  1. You know I’ve known you for a long time, right? So….

    WAIT. Don’t buy anything yet. RVing is less expensive (maybe?) but is MORE work. If you are tired now, I’m not sure a larger RV will be the answer.

    PAY cash if you must buy. DON’T borrow. You know the drill. The market and rates can change on a dime.

    **Not judging, just your long time friend offering some unsolicited advice.


    • Our financial advisor would endorse your plan. We have extractable cash in the market to pay for our next vehicle purchase. He wants us to to finance at today’s low rates. We make more in the market than we’ll pay. And knowing that we can always pay it off anytime we want? Bonus.


      • HI Elle. The RV loan we just got is at 4% and change. We’re earning more than 5% in our investments. Plus, and this is the most important part, should the economy take a dump and head south, we do have the cash ready and available to pay the loan off. Right now, it’s wise to use ‘other people’s money’ rather than your own. I would NOT however, recommend a retiree to go into debt over a car or for a mortgage. because if something should go wrong in the economy, as it always does, your car is a valuable tool and you need that roof over your head! People may have the cash back up to cover the car but I’m certain they won’t have the cash to cover the entire mortgage. IMHO. That’s just my opinion and financial good sense for now. Our RV is NOT a necessity. If we had to give it up due to a bad economy, we’d do it in a heartbeat.
        Thanks for your comment.


  2. We are tired also. 70 and 77 here. I insist we hire out certain projects, have had a twice monthly housekeeper for years, and have given up a lot of travel. We still do Hawaii, but are on the west coast so only a five hour flight. Can not take flights to Europe any more. Also, lots of lunches out and very simple dinners, sometimes frozen entrees. We both hate cooking.

    I used to not understand older people said they were too tired for certain things, but we get it now.

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    • Hi Anne. Until people reach our ages, they really don’t understand what we are talking about. I can still do my daily cleaning routine. That’s simple vacuuming, light windexing etc. Ditto for hubby. He can sit on his tractor and mow the lawn. It’s when he has to use the weedwacker or actual de-weeding, that it gets tricky. I’ll have to eventually hire a house cleaner. We’ll also eventually have to hire a lawnscaper.
      I feel sorry for retirees who wait until they are retired before they travel. The thought of going back to Paris or Milan, to me, right now, is inconceivable! I’d rather watch a good foreign film instead. LOL!
      I have been eating more prepared foods. Hubby has been hustling for himself but usually winds up eating a sandwich or two for dinner.
      We’re tired.
      We want to be officially retired!
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. I would so get the Meals on Wheels since you qualify. You would not have to cook! That is fabulous! I would think it would reduce the amount you have to spend on groceries also. I am also right there with ya about house cleaning and yard work. I do it when I do it. Nobody is visiting me anyway and even if they do, so what? if it bothers them, they can dust!.

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    • Cindy, the only reason why, for now, I would never get The Meals-On-Wheels is because I wouldn’t want to take that benefit away from some one who may truly need it. I’m good for now. But in the future? It’s at least good to know it’s available to me.
      You’re right about the yard & house work. Nobody is visiting us anyway. We’re the only ones who see it and know about it. LOL! They can dust!!!
      Thanks for your comment.


  4. Feeling much the same way today! Tired. T-A-R-D. It is time to slow down and think of ourselves a little bit. Be a little bit selfish and I am about to begin doing that very thing. Put that vacuum back in the closet. Set down the Windex bottle today. And just do something for yourself. And I will too.

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  5. I feel much the same way. I’ve spent a lifetime cleaning, gardening, and keeping everything as perfectly nice as I could. Now, at 63, I’m reshuffling the deck. At some point I’m going to hire someone to come in and do housekeeping twice a month. The yard work has already been relinquished to a small local company who does the mowing, fertilizing, mulching, aerating, and weeding in the spring, summer and fall and then they do the snow clearing in the winter. And their rates are very reasonable.

    I have three, maybe four, international trips planned or in the planning stages over the next two years then I’m done. All, except one, are with family and I promised to go.

    Where I live I can see the mountains from my back windows; life is a bit slower here. I was once a crazy busy mid-level executive at a very large organization. Long hours of work, countless business trips, mind-numbing business meetings and constant deadlines nearly beat the life out of me, literally. Heart surgery at the age of 59 finally woke me up. I took early retirement (and therefore a reduced pension) a few months later and have never regretted it.

    It takes a while to learn how to relax and I think I’m finally getting there.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Cindi.


    • Hi Lisa. I too, was also a career girl. Especially living in New York City, you couldn’t help but be a career girl…..always thinking of ways to climb the corporate ladder. I stopped all that nonsense at 50. I had had enough!
      It’s time once again for us to slow down even more. This recent vacation I took with my family changed both me and my husband. We both came to the same conclusion. It’s time to start enjoying life, spending more time with our kids and grandkids and not be so darn particular. 🙂
      Thank you for your comment.


  6. I remember how hard you both worked to find the perfect RV. I am so glad you are getting it out and enjoying it. Why are you thinking larger now? I am looking for your sized one since I feel confident that I can take care of it and DRIVE it :)What advantage would a larger one do?
    And remember you told us to put out a buzzer when you were tempted to spend money- even zero interest!
    I am right there with you.
    I have a long plane trip planned for Novemeber with my sister in law –UUUUGGGG! It will be worth it in the end- but I am tired just thinking about it. Another with the kids in July will put me past the edge into DONE at 62. I know I will want to take my grand to Italy and Germany in six years—it will take me that long to get the will up to do it!
    Otherwise- we are looking at a nice place in the mountains. We need to move from the rat race of the mid Atlantic I-95 area. Soon, very soon. Hubby just turned 69. He was DONE about two years ago.


    • Hi Janette. Our current RV is good for short distance and short stays. Because of its smallness, you can’t live in it for long. Which was fine because we used it to get from point A to point B, stay for a bit, get out and either live for a few days at my sisters home or some other home style environment.
      This past week, we found a privately owned RV/Trailer park, with full hook up but because it doesn’t have many amenities (which we now deem un-necessary) the price is very affordable. Which means we can stay longer. WE already booked next summer (July and August). When you pay by the month, the daily rate drops down to only $29. This is a HUGE savings. This was a game changer. I never thought of this before.
      I decided to use this new-found information and scout out privately owned, mom & pop RV parks in Florida. I found a GREAT one, right on the ocean, in the Treasure Coast mid-area, that charges only $20 a day! This is mind boggling. Why didn’t I think of this sooner. It eliminates my need or desire to buy property in Florida or even Rhode Island anymore. What we do need, however, is a more comfortable RV because you can not spend 5 months in it, throughout the year. The smallness is a back killer, as well as other calamities.
      We searched and we found another RV, brand new on the 2020 scene, well built specificall for aging baby Boomer couples. The interior actually looks like an NYC studio apartment. Full size, heated queen bed with walk-a-round (no more climbing over each other in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom), beautiful kitchen with amazing stove, oven, micro and plenty of counterspace. A good sized fridge AND freezer. Great, large bathroom with an enclosed shower that doesn’t spill water all over the place. A 3 seater leather couch with elevated leg rests (which I need for my aching legs). I could go on and on. But the best is that it is pre-wired and set up to be WiFi connected 100% of the time! That will assist me in my internet work. Woo Hoo!.
      Plenty of floor space. Lots of storage. The dog has a place to sleep. On the floor. Not up on the seats. It’s a win-win all around.
      Hubby is tired of driving and dragging a trailer. Now, we drive once to Newport. Once to Florida. That’s it (and round trip back home, of course) We want to stay put. We’re tired. We’ve seen all that we want to see.
      This will cure a lot of things. No need to sell our home anymore or move. We found a mutual solution. We like our home up in the mountains and don’t want to lose it.
      I hope I explained it correctly. The additional cost is $77 more a month for the larger RV and $10.76 more a month for the insurance. Not a budget buster. We got a lot of money on our trade in. They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse!
      Thanks for your comment. Good luck on Italy & Germany travel. I feel your pain. 😦


  7. I am great. My son’s in laws were here from Germany and I took the time to get contractors out for painting my exterior, driveway sealing, exterminator for the bees nests and checking off projects I just didn’t have the time to do before. I am almost done with my spring cleaning that was put off ! Ha!Ha! Or should I Say, “this is just my fall cleaning done early! Forget about the spring one! The painters start Monday.
    I so understand that extreme tiredness!
    This push to get a lot done causes me to fall asleep when I sit to watch evening shows so I am up early before it gets hot to work.
    Is your new RV similar to the gorgeous one you had earlier that you traded in for your car? Is it that size? I can’t believe you got such great deals by Newport, RI! In July and August. Is the campsite located in Middletown? And the Florida one looks divine. So your getting your dream to be a beach bum for five months a year. Life is Good!
    Sincerely, Lara


    • Glad you are getting those home updates done. Sounds interesting.
      The new RV is the same size as the earlier one we used as a trade in for DH’s newish car. BUT the new RV is more luxury. It’s the kind you set up and stay put. You can’t be towing it all over the place nor burdening it in national parks. Though, you could. We won’t.
      The new RV is wired for WiFi, which is good for my blogging and social media. The queen size bed is heated! It has a lot of extras. The interior looks like a NYC studio apartment!
      Yup. we’re going to be beach bums. And the best part, is we don’t have to sell our house. WE can do it all without moving!


  8. This is a great post Cindi. I’m only 62 and I am so, so tired, so very tired. DH and I do all our own work in the house in the garden )although our garden is tiny thank goodness).

    I cook a lot of meals at home although every once in a while we do take out.

    I’m with you on the trips. It’s exhausting to think about. This last cruise that we took to the Mediterranean was exhausting. I was shocked to find out how exhausting it was. It was not leisurely at all it was go go go go go and as you know DH and I got very ill on that trip.

    He rebounded quickly but it took me about two or three weeks of being pretty sick (bed bound) to recover.

    We have one more big trip planned for Europe in November. We are going to Portugal. After that I think we’re done with all our big trips to Europe. We realized this last vacation that we no longer tolerate those long flights on

    I told the age I was perfectly happy roaming around the United States of America. There is so much that we haven’t seen in so many places I’d like to visit.

    Like you, DH and I are looking toward the future. At this point I have no problem doing all the housework myself but I have realized that I am exhausted the following day from doing a very deep cleaning. It may be that as I age I’ll need to hire somebody to come in once or twice a month and I need to plan for that.

    Same goes with cooking. I don’t mind cooking specially since I’m at home, and I like what I cook, but doing it every day is a chore.

    Loved your pictures on Instagram, I’m so glad you and your family had a nice time


    • Hi Teri. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone. LOL! I think for us, the time hs come to slow down a bit. I don’t think we can afford anyone right now to do the extra work. I’m just taking my time. I do a little bit each day and voila’! It gets done.
      Take care. I didn’t know you get sick from your cruise. Bummer. Hope all is well.
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.


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