Getting Our Retirement Life Back On Track

This past vacation hubby and I took with our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter really changed us. I can’t explain it. The experience, to say the least, was life altering. The strange part, is that hubs and I came to the same conclusions without even speaking to each other or consulting each other about it. Some mutual, mystical, magical event happened inside our brains, that when we finally discussed it, we each exclaimed: “I feel the same way!”

All at once our priorities changed. All at once we both started looking at the world differently. All at once, it was as if we found out the secret to life and eternal happiness. All at once we both knew what our lifelong purpose was, what our dreams were supposed to mean and how we were to make them happen. Now. Instantly. It was as if some light bulb went off inside our heads and all the mysteries of the universe were revealed to us. Ah! So that’s why our lifelong journey was the way it was? we asked ourselves. We both were led to experience the same moments where all is revealed and your paths are lit and clear.

i get it.jpg

Has this ever happened to you? Is this what Oprah was talking about when she discussed people’s ‘light bulb moments’? It’s this click inside your head that floods your brain with meanings and revelations you never quite thought of before.

What is a ‘light bulb moment’? The dictionary describes it as a moment of sudden inspiration, revelation or recognition. Yes, to all those feelings! We feel inspired. We feel a revelation. We understand the recognition that change needs to be felt and done.

We’re getting older.

We need to address our fears. We need to leave our comfort zone. We need to step out into the unknown of life. We need to embrace a new way of thinking. Neither one of us have been old before. This is all new territory. The realities of growing older hits you sooner or later. I haven’t given much thought to getting older but it was apparent to everyone else this past week.

I had trouble going up and down the RV stairs. I woke up with pains in my right hip that wouldn’t subside. Everything no longer seemed easy. Everything required effort. After a while, I just wanted to be alone someplace and just contemplate on peace, love and understanding.

My middle is spreading. I’m wearing my sports bra and bicycle stretch athletic wear almost daily. I find myself wearing my comfy slippers outside the house. I’ve never done that before. I very rarely watch the news. Local or otherwise. I don’t care what politicians are doing these days nor do I care anymore what journalists write. I watch business news instead. Apparently Bloomberg and NBR’s wrap up of the weekdays are more important to me than the status of the current nasty political name calling on display. I have a steady passive income now. I just need to continually learn how to manage it, make it grow and make it last.

DH and I came to same conclusion that we both need to take comfort in accepting the fact that we are getting older. Rather than fight it, we need to embrace it; make adjustments and live through and with it. We need to find our core and deal with our new way of thinking.

We both realized we want to be grounded more. That hunger for adventure is fading away. We just want to stay as still as possible, enjoy our family, enjoy our home and the many traditions we have come to develop over our lifetime. We found great comfort at the beach. The healing powers of the ocean were strong and omnipresent. We were fearing the coldness of the oncoming winter but we found another way through the maze. We found another cost effective way to continue living our lives, with all the accoutrements we have come to enjoy and expect, without moving or selling our home. It was as if a giant veil had been lifted and light had suddenly appeared on the steps we needed to take to get us through our life’s journey.

And the fact that my husband and I arrived at the same exact conclusion at the same exact time was amazing.

Discovering your purpose and passion is life changing. Developing hope, patience, faith, and forgiveness; setting clear and actionable goals for the future; and understanding the value of friendship and love are treasures. Light Bulb Moments will inspire you to pursue your greatness and create a vision for your life as you want it to be. Everyone wants more love, light, joy, and energy in their lives. Occasionally, all we need is to drink deeply of someone else’s story to reignite ours. —Mark Victor Hansen, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.

on the cruise.jpg - 1.jpg
I love that I caught that sailboat right in between us, for the photo.



  1. I read yesterday’s blog and could only think of the Lewis Carroll poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter ”

    The time has come,
    the walrus said

    To talk of many things

    of shoes-and ships-and sealing wax

    of cabbages and kings

    and why the sea is boiling hot-

    and whether pigs have wings.

    While sitting in our gourmet café aka McDonalds today I was thinking that things have started to change for me and Mr Best Bun. The clock is definitely ticking so will try and enjoy the small things while we can.

    Cindi I am not as sophisticated as you but I do know you will make the right moves. You’re nothing if not a survivor!

    Best wishes from Best Bun


    • Best Bun, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for your confidence. I’m trying my best.
      I love the poem. I know I have heard it before.
      Thank you again for your kind wishes.


  2. I have had quite a few 💡 moments since I turned sixty. I had shared many of them in past comments and emails.
    Embracing who you are, where you are and what is important in the Now of your life and looking forward not backwards can create such contentment, joy and happiness. IMHO acceptance that you deserve these great blessings is also important. Lara


    • DH and I deserve these blessings. I have prayed on them and asked God for guidance. IT’s the right thing to do. I understand more about what you used to talk about. I guess you have to go through it yourself in order to understand.
      Thanks for your comment.


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