Some Images Of Our New ‘Vacation’ Home Away From Home.

My motto is: Bloom where you have been planted. Sometimes you get to choose where God will plant you. And sometimes, you don’t. Never underestimate the power of an RV. If done right, purchased correctly, it can provide years of happy memories. The secret is NOT to go in over your head or find yourself in a loan upside down (you owe more than it is worth) RVs are a depreciating asset. We been RVing since 1983. We started with a little pop-up camper that we paid $500 for. It’s quite common for RVers to constantly trade in their units. Life changes. Needs and wants change right along with it. Technology changes too. Our new, 2020 unit is pre-wired for WiFi. Which means, where ever we go in this country, we’ll have internet access. How cool is that?

Here are just a few images. We pick it up this Monday. Hubby and I went through 3 hours of intense (and I do mean intense!) negotiations. We walked out of the showroom three times. The sales people came running after us. We knew what we wanted. We knew how much we wanted to pay. And we knew our fantastic credit scores would open up many a good financial door. Took a long time to get to this place. We played hardball. And won.

our unit.jpeg
Our new unit is still small. 22 ft. It’s light. But the inside looks like a NYC studio apartment to me. It’s advertised and presented as the perfect Baby Boomer Couple’s RV. Hint: the queen sized bed has dual heat! WiFi ready. Good to go!



Here’s a more professional video (just note the presenter is showing a 2019 model. We bought a 2020 model. We always buy the latest, which is better for trade in value etc. We NEVER buy a used RV. For obvious reasons, having nothing to do with finance but more to do with human behavior)


  1. Very cool. I would have my hubby make that “magazine rack” into a spice rack! I think you use spices as often as me. Taking them on the road- huge plus! Looks like a nice place to hang out!


  2. Fancy! You are right, it looks like a gorgeous New York apartment ( or what I would think one looks like….lol) Congrats!!!


    • Thanks Cindy. Studio apartments in Manhattan are tight. My daughter used to own one. I visited her a lot. You get one big giant room and your bed is visible, so is your couch, TV, kitchen and you get a smallish but very functional bathroom. It’s very doable. And it’s perfect for camping out.
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. YAY!!! Have been waiting for a personal tour of your new digs. LOVE this model. How fabulous that the unit is completely functional even without the pullout in place. Very swanky! But I like that it isn’t full of bold fabrics, wallpaper, colors. It has a kind of neutral palette that you can have fun with. Can’t wait to see how you put your stamp on it. Anxious to read about your RVing adventures!


    • Leslie, I love, love, love my new RV. I think this is the one! This is THEE keeper that will last us for years and years to come. After so many years of camping, we know what we like, what we need and have the resources (finally!) to buy what we want.
      Our unit is very light inside, with a touch of grey. I’ve put in blue accents and the place just pops! Hubby and I sit in every day! LOL. I think we’ll be sleeping in it over the weekend to check it out.
      We may take a trial vacation run at the end of the summer, back to the beach or back to Maine. I’ll keep you posted!


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