When Your Retirement Spouse And You Are In Sync Together.

There have been several articles written about spouses not getting along in their retirement years. Seems like sometimes the constant closeness can cause more problems than the retirement is worth. Not for DH and myself. We love being together. All.day.and.all.night.long. In fact, we get more distressed when we are NOT together than when we are together.

Go figure.

It’s very nice in retirement when you enjoy the company of your significant other. We like to do the same things, go to the same places, watch the same TV shows, enjoy in the same activities. We’re together so much so that we are contemplating selling one of our cars.

One of the same things I noticed about the two of us, while together, is that over this past vacation together, we both have put on weight. UGH! That’s not good. But there’s a good part to this scenario. Now the two of us are on the same diet! We’re both back on a modified KETO diet. During the week we limit our carbs to 50 grams per day. And now, thanks to scientific research, they have proven that if you include two consecutive days with a bit more carbs, you can lose even more weight. So, we have mutually agreed that we will increase our carb intake over the two day weekend (pasta Sunday is back!) and limit our carb intake during the 5 day week.

keto diet part 1.png

It’s been very nice having a diet partner and it’s been very enjoyable having someone on the same wave length planing and preparing mutual meals together. So far, the both of us have lost at least five pounds each. I have way more weight to lose than my hubby but at least I know I’ll have support and encouragement along my dieting journey. I feel good and I feel so much better about myself. Ditto for DH. We feel as if we have taken control over our health and are mutually involved in creating and maintinaing a healthy living retirement environment.

Who knew?

keto diet part 2.png


  1. I love my Mr. LBD…we are soulmates. We have faced many trials in our lives that others say they dont know how we do it. When two are on the same page, nothing seems hard to do. Great post!


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