How ‘Aldi Finds’ Are Keeping Me On A Keto Diet.

Have you checked out the new Keto items Aldi has been stocking their shelves with? Great foods such as high protein/low carb Greek yogurts and high protein/low carb ice cream (yes please!) should perk your interest. If you’re still hankering for a sandwich BUT refuse to have a slice of any bread, Aldi has these healthy, delicious low carb wraps to make you smile.

ice creme.jpg
High protein mint chip ice cream? Berry Greek yogurt? All low carb counts? Yes, please!
high protein bars.jpg
Need an afternoon pick me up? Elevation high protein, low carb bars are for you! Want to make my famous high protein/low carb/low fat/low sugar creme cheese pie? With only 12 carbs per serving, Aldi has the perfect graham cracker crust to make your dessert dreams come true.

Hubs and I are having no trouble sticking to our Keto-like, high protein-low carb diets. We limit our carbs to no more than 50 grams per day during the week and splurge on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday only) to a 150 gram per day limit. Basically, with just a little fine tuning and some delicious perks from Aldi, we’ve been doing AOK.

Now, this I can do!

We both have lost a few pounds BUT what’s even better and more important, is that we have lost inches. Especially around our middle (guilty!) I feel a lot better about myself. I find I have a bit more energy and I think better of myself because I’m doing something that I can do! Plus, thanks to the low prices at Aldi, this Keto-like diet is affordable! Hopefully I can be on this diet for the rest of my life!

Aldi even carries the new almond flour. This stuff makes THEE best pancakes and waffles! Click here for the recipe.

Here are just some of the foods we’ve been eating this past week:


Read your labels. Start making decisions based on carb count. Not calorie count. When you start to restrict your carbs, something magical happens. Yup, you lose weight; you lose inches and you gain confidence.

Good luck!


  1. My daughter is a Keto-er. I am more aware of carbs through her good training. Yay for both you and me for getting in healthier shape.


    • Hi Leslie. Doesn’t it feel good? To be doing something that gets us healthier and in better shape? Literally? Now when I eat too many carbs I can feel my body swell up. My face feels bloated. It’s NOT a nice feeling.
      Who knew?
      Thanks for your comment.


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