Support Your Local Farm Stand

Our town has a weekly Farmer’s Market, which I am sure many towns across the US have also. The prices, however, at our weekly Farmer’s Market, I’ve noticed, are way higher than what we would pay directly to the farmer at his/her own farm stand. So, yesterday, DH and I, aching for some real, locally grown peaches, as well as other fresh fruits and vegetables, took a drive out to one of our local farm stands.

farmers market.jpg - 2.jpg
As the sign says, the Eger family have been farming since 1931.

I can dilly dally all day at a farm stand. It is just so wonderful to see all the magnificent bounty just sitting there. Real tomatoes! Juicy peaches! Crunchy corn. Fragrant basil. Even the sunflowers are in bloom and for only $1 a stem, can make a beautiful bouquet on your kitchen table! I just love it.

I bought a basket of peaches for only $5.00. I ate one on the way home and made a peach cobbler that afternoon when we got back to our house. Corn was only fifty cents an ear. A massive cantelope was only $3.50. We bought real garlic at only $1.25 a head (much better than that Chinese crap the supermarkets sell!!) Hubby made an asparagus frittata.

I’m in fruit and veggie heaven!




  1. We have two farmers market here and the prices are crazy high- almost everything is $2.99 lb and $3.99 a pound and it’s not organic! I wish I had a more reasonable farm stand. I have the two organic salad pots and plot of green beans that has provided for the last three weeks 15 dinner servings. I pick them every other day to keep them producing! Supplement this small garden with zucchini, peppers, and corn my son gave me. You were right buying organic produce and hormone free meat on sale has increase my food budget minimally because I also reduced the quantity I am eating. Loving my coffee time this morning. Sincerely, Lara


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