Those Veggie Burgers Are Really Dog Food. In Praise Of Meatless Mondays

Before you head out and purchase those newfangled ‘meatless” burgers that have recently been released on the food market, please be forewarned that two of these burgers contain the same exact ingredients as premium dog food. Say what? Yup.

You read that right!


The ingredients of two popular plant-based burgers, Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat burgers, are indistinguishable from dog food.

What’s True

Impossible and Beyond Meat Burgers share some ingredients with at least one brand of vegan, grain-free dog food selected for the comparison.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 3.16.24 PM.png
Compare the ingredients of dog food to the Impossible Burger. YUCK!

According to Snopes, the online investigative resource company, confirms that the burgers do contain dog food ingredients. Click here for the truth.

What happened to the farm to table trend?

What happened to eating more plant-based foods?

What happened to Meatless Mondays? Are we to eat dog food now?

Nope! Not for this foodie! I’m sticking to the original concept of Meatless Mondays. It’s been a way to save money, save the planet and eat at least one healthy meal per week. People have been eating a bit more healthier since World War I (that’s WWW ONE!!) That was 1914, over one hundred and five years ago!


All you need is a can of beans and a recipe. For only .59 cents (last I priced a can of beans) you can create great, meatless, healthy, real-people-food for Monday Meals. One week we have meatless vegetarian chili (made with either a can of black beans or red kidney beans….make sure you rinse off the canned beans to rid the dish of any extra salt. Or, you can buy dried beans and soak them according to the package cooking instructions).

Put some chopped up romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese along with veggie chili into a taco shell, top with guacamole, fresh salsa and a dollop of low-fat sour creme and voila’! Now that’s what I call a meatless meal!!

black bean chili
This is vegan chili made fresh, NOT from a can!
can of chick peas
Take a simple can of chick peas (beans) and turn it into fantastic Middle Eastern delicacies such as falafel or hummus.
Falafel: here’s the easy to fix, complete recipe (click here)
I made this hummus (click here for recipe) Serve in a pita bread pocket, fill with veggies. DELISH!
Now, doesn’t this look a lot more better than dog food?

Eat real food, people! Never mind what those crazy food scientists come up with. Don’t fall for it. Eat real food and have a real life. Oh, and bring back Meatless Monday. Save money. Save the planet. Eat better. Barking optional.


sad dog.jpg

Side Note: More meatless burger facts.

A) 22 of the ingredients are highly processed and are exactly like dog food. (click here)

I thought he was joking,” Mitloehner (University of California/Davis professor) said, “until I did a little research and compared his burger versus Beyond Burger versus dog (food). And guess what? I would not be able to tell the difference. Which is just testament to me that they are actually making something that from a nutritional basis might not be very different from dog food. Then adding the flavors and the taste and the smell and, viola, there is your plant-based alternative to the real thing.

B) Meatless burgers are not much healthier than real meat burgers (click here). The meatless burgers are plant-based, processed foods and contain high levels of saturated fats!

C) Dog food or real meat? Most can’t tell the difference. (click here)



  1. OMG. I had one of those Beyond Meat burgers when I was in Fl. It was DISGUSTING. And now I know why. I had it in a restaurant, and when they saw I took one bite and didn’t touch it again, they refunded me my dinner. The waiter ‘knew’. Real, whole foods is the ONLY way to go.


    • Sharon I knew it!! I knew it!! Those impossible burgers are more calories than the real thing! Thanks for sharing your experience. These climate nuts are trying to take our food away from us now. Real good people. Eat real natural farm-grown foods. And occasionally every once in a while have a real, honest to goodness burger!! And a pat of butter!
      Thanks Sharon.


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