Is A Recession Really Coming?

Right now, I don’t know who to believe when it concerns the threat of an oncoming recession. I do know, that if you say a recession is coming over and over enough, it might just come true. Wishing calamity to befall on innocent people, however, is not what I’d like to happen. I prefer to have nature take its course and what will be, will be. Whatever the outcome, it’s best to be prepared either way.


So, is a recession coming or not? I’ve listened to a bunch of people and so far, the explanation Dave Ramsey spews seems to make the most logical sense. To me. According to Ramsey, a recession is neither a Democrat nor Republican phenomenon. It’s up to We The People, should a recession rear its ugly head.

Here’s what Dave Ramsey has to say about our financial recession future:

What say you? Do you think a recession is coming? Are you making any changes to your life? Your financial holdings? Or are you just staying the course and seeing what unfolds?

Let us know in the comments below.


      • Personally I am contributing BIG time to the GDP especially locally by spending on all the System repairs and major home projects , hiring two lawn services, a new car, and increasing food expenditures buying organic and more from local farmers. Yes quite a bit of lifestyle inflation but I view it as overdue and spreading the bounty around. I also have a line in the sand that I don’t go below my enough balance.
        Switched early last May to what financial advisor are recommending to be defensive with now REITs, preferred stocks, bonds, and high dividend paying stocks. By reinvesting some, saving some for future goals, and spreading some around my local economy hopefully there will be no recession. At the senior center everyone is crying over lower interest rates and cutting cost except the group who were proactive to increase their passive income flow and doing Roth conversions in the lowered tax brackets. There is a middle group who put just a tiny amount of maturing CD savings into better dividend and interest vehicles and are unsure with media’s influence if they want to commit more and so they are saving the extra. The fear or present risk avoidance senior crowd.
        Different strokes for different folks. Sincerely, Lara


      • In other words, you’re raking it all in while you can. I know a few others who are doing the same thing. Some started buying silver and gold to offset the bad times that might be coming. The economy, to me, is just a nightmare. I find it devastating how people can manipulate the economy and we sit here like little paws, crippled, unable to make a move. I find the whole thing just sad.
        Thanks Lara, for your comment.


  1. The immense tornado damage last May started the spending, and I think open my eyes to how things can change instantly and then three home system failures in November . Handling these on my own gave me confidence to get more maintenance done on my home this summer. I made my savings goal for my first six years with my full widows pension and it provides much more passive income then if I waited till 70 to collect for the rest of my life. My enough. Now I am focusing on other discretionary goals when I have saved what they cost. I used leverage but at any time could pay my car loan off.,
    The economy in my adult life has always been cyclical and been manipulated by politicians. I take responsibility for my life choices and my spending. Emotions like sadness and regret are not my response to my actions. I have an attitude of gratitude for the blessings bestowed on me and my family. Sincerely, Lara


    • In God We Trust. The rest pays cash.
      If I were to sit down and write out my blessings in life, there wouldn’t be enough paper in the house. But for the grace of God, there go I.
      God is way more powerful than any politician.
      We’ve been bombarded lately with power electrical storms (we had THREE just today). You’ll find me huddled on my sofa, rosary beads in hand.
      In God we trust. Everything else is moot.


  2. What goes up must come down, eventually. I think we are heading towards a recession. I just hope it is not as bad as the last one. Really, I always live like we are in a Recession. I remember my grandma saying they didn’t really know they were in a depression in the 1930’s because they were still farming and living like her parents did in the late 1800’s. They had not upgraded their lifestyle and all six kids worked the cotton fields when not in school. That is how they held onto their land during the Depression Also, luckily they didn’t live in the dust bowl. They didn’t get a car until the late 1940’s. I guess there is something to be said for resisting lifestyle inflation.


    • Hi Cindy. I agree with you that what goes up will eventually come down. That’s life. It sort of makes one hesitant to raise their head above the crowd. My daddy always said, there’ll be somebody, somewhere, waiting to push your head down low. Stay the course is the best road taken, for now.
      Thanks for sharing your family story. Enlightening, for sure. 🙂


  3. Whether a recession comes this next year or not we will not know. There are global signs. Our last recession, The Great Recession, was terrible on many industries. My son, the carpenter, has never returned to thestable situation he had before that recession. What that recession showed though is that social security greatly helped people in their old age.

    What we can do is cut back if needed. Also, we can pay attention to who we vote for. The last recession was caused by bank interests cheating. The government chose not to enforce banking laws. We thought full employment would help us and it has, but wages have not gone up and many are having trouble paying their bills. Still working is better than not. The farming situation is not good as is the trading situation. The government’s attempt at curbing China is not working. Making trade war on our neighbors is hurting our country. Weather and terrible government policies have made things desperate. The deficit is not helping our situation either. Ofcourse we can do all these things and other countries’ government can contribute to the economic changes. We live in a wide world.

    On the plus side many states installed health benefits to help their citizens, especially the children. Food is abundant. At least for us ,our natural gas and electrical costs are not bad. That is due, somewhat, to our state and local actions. I have a pension and until our state goes under I get a check each month. I save 25% of that for emergencies for either ourselves or our kids. The rest I carefully spend to keep a roof over our head and to keep that money circulating so others can make a living. It is fun.


    • Sue, I applaud your good financial money management. My husband and I were just sitting down this morning discussing the Obama years and now the Trump years. The only people who made money under both administrations were(are) the Wall Street people. I don’t think anyone’s lives returned to what it was before The Great Recession.
      We have a great financial backing here in New York State. I don’t think we will ever leave because of it. Should we ever fall, there are many resources that can catch us.
      Thanks for your perspective. Thank you for your comment.


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