Our Financial Investment Strategy Revealed

After much hemming and hawing, DH and I have finally arrived at our mutually agreed-upon, future financial investment strategy going forward. We couldn’t decide whether to jump back into Wall Street investments or just stay the course as we have for the past 30 years and solely invest in the sure things (such as Money Markets, Certificates of Deposit and/or Treasury Bonds).

To be honest, we have enough cash on hand to hold us for the next twenty years providing no passive income came into our lives. Since we do have guaranteed passive income (Pension, Social Security, Guaranteed Interest) our cash holdings can probably hold us forever, till death do us part. Knowing this, why would we want to subjugate ourselves and delve back into the world of reality and fiddle around with the biggest corrupt financial manipulators on Planet Earth, i.e. The Stock Market?

we're free.jpg
We’re financially free and we don’t have to take it anymore!

I will admit that since I started listening recently to local and world news, I got caught up in the propaganda and fake news. Because of this, I started panicking. The real tip off for me came when a CD (paying @4.25%) I had with a brokerage house I had depended on for the past 1.5 years  was inadvertently called due to the shenanigans of our current administration playing games with America’s economy. Manipulating the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates simply so “they” could look better should be enough to make anyone think. The opposing party is no different. Forcing the American economy to purposely decline so that they can be triumphant while destroying people’s lives and their livelihoods is despicable.

I want nothing to do with either one of them. And I do not want my money to be involved with them either. Neither one of them will ever have dominance over my life nor my financial well being. I will render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but they will get nothing more from us ever again.

At first I thought the calling of the CD was a bad thing. Turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me in my life so far. It forced me to finally face up and address investment strategies. I studied. I read. I asked questions. I researched. I learned. And this is what I found out: that the investment strategy I was using all along turned out to be the best strategy for ME. Not you. Not her. Not him. But ME. My first reactions turned out to be the best reactions.

DH and I will resume our trusted and true investment strategies. We no longer care about inflation, making a profit, making our money last, earning more passive income or whatever else investment strategists throw out at us. Every single time we have ever followed the advice of a professional, every single time that advisement was WRONG.

DH told me he doesn’t want to work anymore. Not a day. Not two days a month. Nothing. He is enjoying his time at home. We are enjoying our time together. In reality, as long as we keep living our current frugal lifestyle, no more, no less, we have enough cash to last us for like forever! How much more money do we want in life? Let’s be honest here….how much more? The answer to that is ‘nothing’. We have sufficient. We have enough. And neither one of us will be guilted into changing our lifestyle or investment strategies whatsoever.

I’ve been a self-made millionaire when I sold my home in Southampton, Long Island, NY in 2001. I made enough money in equity to pleasantly retire at age 50. When my father died in 2005, he told me he was leaving me ‘enough’ money to finish construction on my new home (we added on a barn). He was right. I have enough. I don’t ‘need’ any more. This wild and reckless, stressful, agonizing roller coaster I have been on these last few weeks is over. Hubby and I just want to live out the rest of our lives in peace and tranquility. If we can maintain exactly what we have right now, for the rest of our lives, I’ll be ever grateful and contended. All the failures and mistakes I have made over my lifetime have finally revealed to me that it was all done to me with intention and purpose. I was given the opportunity to understand and learn what is important in my life and what brings my life joy.

It certainly isn’t making a killing on Wall Street.

We can pat ourselves on the back now. We’ve done good!

We’re Cindi and Nick and we’re Mad Retirees! We’re free!




  1. Hi Cindi, I so wish you well. I hope you can maintain your present frugal DIY lifestyle and RV trips. I will follow your adventures. Especially how you manipulate your budget with Nick not working anymore and the dramatic fall in interest rates decreasing your passive income too. A double whammy. Thank God, you only have two in half years till Nick’s SS.
    I too match expenses to income and save for specific goals. I can’t do DIY for everything anymore being a widow, and it’s crazy what the service industry charge. I like to shop sales and use a rewards card to get greater discount. Looking at the weather it looks like my air conditioners can be retired for the season here in the Northeast.
    Sincerely, Lara


    • Lara, once Nick makes SS, we can start saving at least $1,000 a month! It will be so different. We’re glad we waited.
      I have a few service companies waiting in the wings should either one of us not be able to perform our chores. Always good to have a back up.
      Thanks, as always, for your comments.


  2. You are truly wise indeed to know when you have enough. Personal finance really is personal. As a 50-something with no pension, I need to be invested in the stock market. Great pic of you and Nick! Really enjoy reading your blog.


  3. Hi Cindi – Ed and I are about 10 years older than you and set for life – we manage to save about 25% of our income every month and long ago rolled all our stock market funds (except $75,000) into cash – haven’t touched our savings – why? – well we have no kids and I want to make sure that the last person standing is well taken care of – We have more than we need and are generous with extended family – we are content – I am still frugal (not cheap) – enjoy the finer things in life (with limitations) Love our home – we love our dog who is our constant sidekick. I use to be Republican – now I am nothing – I am not a liberal – especially today’s liberals – and the current Administration is leading us into a very shaky future – I’ll probably be dead by the time we recover from this. I avoid the news – why ruin my day – can’t believe this is America anymore and I do long for the “old days” Enjoy reading about you and Nick – you are a riot. Stay on course – life is good regardless. Take care Mary Ellen


    • Hi Mary Ellen. I like your plan. Sounds like a keeper. I’m a registered Independent. I have no idea who to vote for anymore. I’ve been thinking very seriously about reviving my dual citizenship and heading back to Italy. At least they get a new government every year, the politicians there are very good looking AND they have the greatest food, wine and gelato. But then again, I could never leave my kids and grandkids. Oh well.
      Thanks for your comment!


  4. Hi Cindi, I cannot predict the future and with elections next year, higher tariffs, lower CDs and money markets interest rates, this turbulence is going to make it interesting. I am wondering what my health insurances are going to be with the notice of gym benefits and other added perks added next year to my Medicare supplement. My Utilities budget came in the same. Property taxes up. Groceries up more everyday. Gasoline prices range over 50 cents a gallon depending where I buy! And locally in my small town is where it’s the highest!
    Last weekend I did a ton of research and setup a strategy to sell some of my stocks that were coming close to their 52 weeks high all in my Iras and what replacements I wanted to buy. I hit two major positions at their highs on Tuesday and the two others are left . I then replaced them with REITs and preferred stocks that will pay double the dividends picking some of them up at 52 weeks lows in the carnage. I spent a lot of time on this, so maybe you can consider this My side hustle. The payday starts next month with an added $1000 in monthly dividends. I figure if I live as long as my parents I have another 20 plus years time frame and need to have more asset classes in my investment strategy then Ultra conservative CDs and money markets.
    I think I will be moving in spring 2020 close to my son and this will be increasing my monthly expenses. Major undertaking. My major downsizing begins and more projects to accomplish in the meantime. Hopefully it will be a good change. Sincerely, Lara


    • Lara, if you’re thinking of moving to Rhode Island, thunk long and hard. I was thinking of doing that but when I found out how the state treats seniors (they tax social security and most pension and retirement income) plus you have to pay a 6% tax on their value of your car, every.single.year it was enough to give me pause. I found RI to be very expensive, the health care system is awful (the main hspital was continually making serious errors on health care, like operating on the wrong side of the brain, removing a right leg instead of a left leg…do the research….this happened a few years ago. Most seniors in RI are very, very poor. MA might be a better choice.
      As far as our investing futures go, for everyone that is, hold on to your hats. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. LOL!
      PS: I like your side job!


  5. As far as my widow pension goes the federal government passed a law that no state can tax it. My car is taxed here. I will check out Massachusetts since it’s border is less then seven miles away from my son’s town. Lots of work ahead for me looks like I will need to work longer hours each day to make it happen. Lara


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