“Help, I’ve Fallen In The Parking Lot And I Can’t Get Up.”

I knew it was bound to happen. Falling, that is. I’m just about the right age. Hubby and I went shopping the other day. Hubby likes to park in out-of-the-way spaces because he doesn’t want any door nicks. So, he parked in this site along an edge that if you didn’t watch your step, you’ll fall over the cliff in to a gully. I over compensated and rather than fall off the cliff, my legs got tied up along the curb edge and the car wheels and I went tumbling down. Hard.

my hand
My hand.

Since my husband was still sitting in the car, he didn’t see me go down. When a nice, thoughtful gentleman ran over to the passenger side and bent over, DH knew something was wrong. What a genius. Hubby came over to the passenger side and there I lay. Hurt, confused, dazed and furious this fall happened to me at all! The man told my husband that the first thing they needed to do was get me up off the black pavement and on my feet. So, they both hoisted me up. I started crying. I was so embarrassed. I told the man I was trying to avoid falling down the gully. I didn’t want him to think I was old or something and lost my balance. Silly me. No, it was a calculated, adult-like misconfiguration. That’s all.

Needless to say, in addition to all my black and blues, I’ve sprained my left hand mighty bad. Nothing is broken but it’s difficult to type. The blog must go on, so I’m typing one hand, only using my left hand to tap the shift key when I need CAPITAL LETTERS.

Some statistics: One in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year. Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. Even if the fall doesn’t result in death, the related injuries—such as hip fractures and head traumas—can be quite serious and have a debilitating effect on the person’s quality of life. Older people are more likely to break bones in falls because many older people have porous, fragile bones due to osteoporosis.

The kind gentleman didn’t leave my side till I walked around a bit and hubby checked out my hand, head, left side leg etc. etc. Thankfully, all was well. He wanted me to get back in the car and drive me home but this was our shopping day, so we trudged on. As the night progressed my hand got worse but I applied some aspercreme, ice and the ace bandage. I’ll be out of commission for a while (as in I can’t cook, clean or do laundry…which is welcome news! I need a break. But not literally. LOL)

And so the aging process goes.





  1. You might want to go get it checked out and make sure it’s not broken! When we were last in NYC, our friend tripped and hurt her wrist. She decided against a visit to the emergency room because she had a flight to California the next morning and she thought it was just sprained. Upon arrival in California, her mother made her go to urgent care, and turns out it was broken! She had to fly home early and get surgery to fix it! She really didn’t think it was broken. Better safe than sorry . . .


    • Thanks Sydney. Welcome back. So happy you are blogging again. You were sorely missed. My hand is fine. The bandage is off. I’m using it again for typing. If it were broken, I’d know about it by now. Thanks for your concern. If my hand should act up, I’ll give a visit to the ER. Thanks goodness for Medicare!


  2. Oh no Cindi! How scary! So sorry you’re hurt. Falling is frightening. I’ve fallen once or twice on our driveway when it’s slick with rain and it’s not a good feeling! We’re having it painted with a sand texture to make it less slick.
    Feel better my friend and take good care of yourself! Hugs


    • Thanks Teri. I can feel your hugs! Falling down is def a very scary thing to happen. I’m ding OK but am going to be more careful from here on in. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Since I have had two hip replacements and my right knee is not good, I really need to watch how I walk and where I place my feet. Steriod shots and exercise are helping the knee, but my balance is not as good as when I was younger. It shows you are in good shape that you are coming back so quickly from your fall. You were fortunate that it was not worse.


    • Sue, thanks for the good words. I do practice yoga and do my stretches each and every night! I hope that is what has helped me so far. Plus I walk a lot!!
      I was very fortunate that it was nit worse. But my husband just didn’t leave enough room between the car and the sidewalk edge and I was terrified to walk onto of the edge for fear of toppling over. My feet got tabled over each other and I just fell over. And my husband was still in the car with his foot on the brake! I was so afraid if he moved the car forward, I’d be under the wheel. What a nightmare!!!!!!
      Anyway, hopefully, it will never happen again. He’s going to drop me off in front of the buildings from here on in.
      Thanks again for your comment.


  4. Last year I took a fall over a curb that was not marked. It just blended in with the pavement in from of a store. Anyhow, the end result was that I took a hard fall and injured my right shoulder. Injured it bad enough that the surgeon says that I need a total shoulder replacement–not repair-but replacement. I have not had it done and just keep babying my shoulder and arm along. My husband requires a lot of “help” and I am the “help” so surgery is not an option for me unless it is absolutely a have to. Penny S.


    • Penny, this is awful news. I am so so sorry. Was the curb the fault of the store owners? You may want to pursue that with an attorney if it was. people may scoff at seeking legal action but if you are to suffer medically and financially, the insurance the store carries is specifically to address what happened to you. Give it some thought, if you can.
      I know. I know. My husband was hugging me so much afterwards. he told me he would be lost if something ever happened to me. He was good to me for about a day or two, then it was back to ‘normal’. Oh well!
      Thanks for your comment. Falling is a major concern for all of us as we age.


  5. FYI a visit to the expensive ER is not always the only answer. Last year I took a nasty fall on an ice patch covered with snow and landed on my left palm. It hurt but seemed to be okay but the next morning everything was black and blue and badly swollen. I went to the Urgent Care I have used before and they were able to x-ray it, NOT broken, and the very competent doctor poked and prodded and told me to ice it and give it as much rest as I could for the next week. It took several weeks to heal but the Urgent Care co-pay was waaaaaaaaay less than the ER and so was the wait time!
    Jeannine in Iowa


    • Hi Jeannine. Good information to know. Thank you so much for sharing. My hand still hurts a bit today but the bandage is off and I’m using it to type today. BUT I can’t lift anything too heavy and today we went to the pool and I couldn’t lift myself up the pool ladder to get out. I had to walk out from the kiddie side. Very embarrassing.
      Again, thank you so much.
      So far, so good. I can bend it and wiggle my fingers. It’s still a bit sore and can’t withhold any weight yet.


      • Glad you’re mending so quickly. I have had four falls in the last four years with major consequences having two knee braces for six weeks each and a severely bruised hip that the doctor said is more painful and heals slower then a breakage. And he was right! Perhaps this explains why I hire help instead of attempting some of the Physical work I use to DIY I don’t want to get injured or have severe muscle pain! Lara


      • Hi Lara. Wow, so sorry to hear what has happened to you. I’d be hiring myself some outside help too if I had undergone what you have. I haven’t gotten to the point of hiring someone to help me clean BUT I think about it more and more with each passing day. Go figure.
        Stay good!
        Thanks for your comment.


  6. I am to the place in life where I am seriously thinking about hiring some cleaning help too. And I keep saying that I am going to purchase a safe ladder with hand rails, wide steps and locks in place on to the floor. Sort of like what you see used at a library. Old age isn’t for sissies! Penny S.

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    • Penny, my husband has that ladder! LOL. It’s a lot safer than others. Whatever it takes to keep us going, that’s what we do. No sissies her!
      Thanks for your comment.


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