That Was The Summer That Was

This summer went by quickly, didn’t it? That was because the whole beginning of the summer was spent suffering through torrential rain storms. It rained over 20 days here the month of May. June wasn’t much better. Technically, we only had two months of summer: July and August. Regardless, I got a lot of stuff accomplished this summer. The number one thing is that I spent a lot of time with my two daughters and my two granddaughters. That feat alone is worth a cigar!

My daughter’s visits went very well this time around. I made a few changes. Number 1, I discovered paper plates, paper cups, paper napkins and the garbage can! Number 2, I limited meals to frankfurters, hamburgers, frozen french fries, scrambled eggs & bacon, french toast with sausage on the side. Hubby whipped up the meals. They had no choice than to eat what was prepared. When done, everything got tossed. Everyone kept their rooms neat. My daughters helped me clean up, do laundry and tidy up at the end of the day (no toys cluttering the living room floor). They even wiped down the bathroom after each use! I don’t know who read them the riot act, but thank you!

We were back in our community pool this season. We also took some very adventurous day trips as well as head back to the beach for an amazing week in July. Without ever realizing it or preparing for it, this summer turned out to be a life changer to both my husband and myself. For some strange reason life sort of started to make sense to us. Sometimes the best laid plans are the ones you don’t make at all. It’s when life does it for you, It lays out a future so simple, that you can bob yourself in your head and say ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’  It’s sort of like a V-8 moment.

Fall, for me, is the best time of the year here in upstate New York. It’s when all the leaves turn amazing colors, the farms offer apple picking rides, pumpkin patches to explore, hiking trails to climb, rail trails to bike, Octoberfests, cuddling by the fireside at night, the return of healthy, hearty soups as well as one pot wonders at the dinner table. In other words, it’s all good!

It’s also the time to get some last minute fixes done to the house before the cold chill sets in for the winter. It’s also time to get the RV ready for our trip down to a warmer winter clime.

One of the first things we’ve done already is change all our window blinds. I hadn’t realized that our previous blinds were almost 19 years old! Despite all my cleaning and dusting, it was time to replace them, especially with the new cordless blinds. Now that my grand-kids are spending more time here, it was time to get rid of those dangerous cords! The new blinds are really neat. They look so straight and aligned! (no more drooping in the middle…well, it was 18 years!)

The kitchen window looks so much better!
We did the living room, the girls bedrooms and the master bedroom. Everything looks so neat and straight. I love it!

And I’m back to reading yet more financial books. This time I’ve locked onto the 1,242 page, Jane Bryant Quinn’s ‘Making The Most Of Your Money NOW‘. Fully revamped for The New Economy, wish me luck reading this massive how-to, hands-on publication!


These are my standard salt & pepper shakers, just to give you an idea on how massive this book is.

I’ll close this post with one of my fondest memories from this summer. The beach and the rolling waves. The nice part about all of this is we’ve already booked for next summer. No more community pool. We’re going to be official beach bums next year. Another retirement wish come true!




    • Lara, we never rake the leaves. We leave them where they fall. It’s acts like a natural mulch. I don’t know why people insist on raking up the leaves. In the spring, Nick uses a mulch blade when he first cuts the grass and voila’….ALL the leaves are mysteriously gone! And the grass has been naturally fertilized.


    • Hi Chris. Thanks. I can’t even lift the book, let alone read it!!! LOL. I’m only going to read the chapters that apply to me. I’ll keep you posted.
      You have a good holiday weekend too!!


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