It’s Labor Day. And I Don’t Have To Go To Work Tomorrow. Or The Day After. Or The Day After That. The Benefits Of Being Retired.

Ah! The artificial end of summer has arrived. Technically, it’s September 21st but if you have a job or a child in school, Labor Day (September 2nd for this year) is your end-of-summer day. As for me, I can still go to the beach. I can still swim in the pool. I can still grill out on the deck. I can still have picnics outside. I can still work on my tan. Soon as I feel that first chill in the air, I get to think about how I want to spend my winter months in any other warmer climate that I care to choose from (Arizona, California, Texas, Florida and the Caribbean if need be).

Ah, retirement. It does have its perks!

While others were scrambling to get back home to either get ready for work or school, hubby and I (as well as a few other hundred or so people) celebrated the 18th Annual Irish ‘Hooley On The Hudson’ in downtown Kingston NY, at Mariner’s Harbor, along the infamous Hudson River. Good food. Great beer! Irish dancers. Bag pipes. The Irish jig.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Fr. Con Colbert Woulfe Division 1, Ulster County, and the City of Kingston invite you to be a member of its “Parade of Dignitaries” at its annual Hooley on the Hudson XVII™ to be held on Sunday, September 1, 2019 (the day before Labor Day) from 11:30 AM until 9:00PM at the beautiful waterfront at the T.R. Gallo Memorial Park on the Rondout Creek in historic Kingston, New York.  Our “Parade of Dignitaries” is one of the highlights of our Irish Festival and allows our marchers to meet with some of the 20,000 plus attendees from throughout the Northeast who have made “The Hooley” a place to gather and celebrate Irish culture with three stages of Irish music, and a storytelling tent (for the little ones), and numerous food and craft vendors.  Focused on family, this event is free to all, Irish or not.  Indeed, many families and school groups have made “The Hooley” their meeting venue each year.

entrance hooley.jpg - 2



  1. Our neighbor plays the bagpipes and we love to listen to him practice. Fortunately, this is his weekend house so we don’t ever get tired of him playing! LOL Love retirement! Ann M


    • HI Janette. At the end of the day, my hand is really, really tired. It’s still a bit sprained. The wounds have healed but the pain is evident at the end of the day. I need to stop using it so much. But life goes on.
      Love West Point. We didn’t get to go as of yet but are looking at a few home games coming up. Football wise.
      Thanks again for asking.


  2. That looks like a great spot to visit! As always, I’m envious of the retired status. But, I’m taking notes, and when the time comes for me to do so, I’ll be able to say, “Cindi taught me well!”


  3. Oh my goodness this is so true! You couldn’t pay me 1 million bucks to return to work. I absolutely love being retired. My sisters seem appalled that I have absolutely no ambition to do anything and keep hinting I should go back to work 😮. I have been told multiple times that it is a waste of a 40+ year career, a masters degree and a state license. I plan to keep my state license up God for bid anything terrible happens, and I do need to go back to work but otherwise I plan to stay right here.


    • Atta girl! My sister gave up her Ophthalmic Dispensing License when she retired and has regretted it ever since. Never know when it might come in handy, which it could have a few times, for her. Oh well.
      Most I’d ever think of doing is being a Wal Mart greeter but I can’t work before 11AM and I can’t work after 4PM because that’s when Judge Judy is on and I simultaneously take my nap. Plus, they’d have to bribe me with a daily latte, waiting for me upon arrival. And I need at least an hour off for lunch.
      In other words, I won’t be working. LOL!


  4. I went and applied for a job about 4 years ago. I said maybe one day a week, but by the end of the interview he had pushed it up to 4-5 days a week. No thank you! Never worked the first day!


    • Hi Ann. The same thing, sort of, happened to me when I was considering working part time in retirement. It starts off slow but then when they realize you’re smart and intelligent, they push for more. Like you, I said ‘No Thanks.’
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Thanks you fo your comment.


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