When Your Retired Spouse Likes To Stay Home And Watch The Telly? Take Them On A Hike.

I have a rule in my house: no television till 4PM. That’s when the stock market closes and I like to see what the daily damage was. LOL. Turning the TV on before then, will get you chastised in my home. Every once in a while I’ll catch my husband sitting on the recliner, lost in space as he mindlessly watches the boob tube. In retirement land, this is the kiss of death.

So, in order to keep hubby alive, active and still slim, I find things for us to do during the day to keep us out of the house. It’s almost fall up here in the valley, which means it’s hiking time. Today, after hubs and I did our daily chores, we headed out to a new hiking trail I found a few months ago. It’s called ‘The Hyde Park Explorer Trail‘ and it’s located along ‘The Playgrounds Of The Wealthy.’

entrance sign wealthy walkway.jpg - 18.jpg
Dial 845-475-3819, then press 45. You’ll hear all about this famous walkway of the wealthy.

The trail is located on the museum grounds of The Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY. I dialed the phone number listed above and pressed 45 to hear all about the walkway hubby and I were about to embark on. Apparently, whenever the rich and famous guests of the Vanderbilts came up to visit them, a carriage would be waiting for them at the train station to take them up to the mansion.

The guests rode in carriages and would see the infamous Hudson River on their left and the powerful stream-driven trains on their right. We got a few glimpses of the river and we heard the near pounding of the trains as they passed by, but we didn’t have a good view of either. Guess we’re not rich enough?

mile count wealthy walkway.jpg - 1.jpgAnyway, it was a three mile walk from our parked car, along the Wealthy Playground Trail, up through the Bard Rock entrance way and back up to our parked car. Hubby did great (of course). I had to be dragged up the last part of the trail. Me and my big mouth!

Regardless, the hike got us both out of the house, in tune with nature and I am sure we shed a few pounds. We started our hike at 1PM. We packed our lunches and a ton of water. We finished our hike a little after 4PM. Along the way, I took some iPhone photos of the trail and some of the partial river views. Hubs is ALWAYS in my front shots. He walks faster than me and won’t wait up.

When we got back home, hubby resumed his TV viewing. I went to bed. Another day over in retirement land.

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  1. There is so much to explore when we get out and on our feet. The cooler weather makes me want to get outside more and be active. While not retired, I’m a new empty nester with a husband that works into the evening and Saturdays. I could easily get sucked into the tv world, but I take the dog and we go. .


    • Good for you Sam! I agree the cooler weather is the best time to get out there and take a walk. I’ve got a few more hikes planned. Detest TV!!!
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. Nice looking trail. Yesterday my son, grandson and I did A zoo walk with his Family membership so I paid nothing too. I woke early yesterday and walked for twenty minutes of interval walking intentionally varying my speed and stride. This really helps getting my metabolism going. Drove home after lunch and fell asleep watching the evening news! Lara


    • Ha ha, Lara. That’s funny.
      Was it the RI Zoo? If so, that place rocks! Our library there had free passes, so we all went for the day. I loved it so much! I think I have a bunch of photos I took that day. Going to go look.


      • Yes Roger Williams Zoo in Providence,RI. They have a new building the Rain Forest that’s awesome! And they have redone some of the petting zoo and added some new interactive activities in the play area since last year. We always go for the day on a weekend during the Pumpkin festival where lots of the animals enjoy eating pumpkins and we dress in costumes. Buying one of the family membership saves oodles of money and pays after using it for only two times. We also go to their Easter activities. Lara


      • Lara, lucky you. I love that zoo! I found my photos but they were taken with a very old camera of mine several years back, so they are not that good. But I should post them anyway.


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