It’s Apple Picking Time

The weather has been absolutely beautiful and all I want to do is be outside in it. Today DH and I got out early to a local farm and went apple (and peach) picking. There’s something about picking fruit right off a tree and eating it there and then in the field. Thankfully we were at an organic farm and no pesticides were used, so we could eat the fruit right in the orchard! We picked enough to make 4 pies (3 apple and 1 peach).

apple picking.jpg - 13.jpg
Have you ever seen anything so lovely, fresh and divine? What a view!

Afterwards DH and I went out for a quickie carb breakfast (we indulge in carbs over the weekend). We get our usual $1.25 cup of fair trade Columbian coffee, that we share and two croissants @$1.75 each. The croissants are humongous, large, crispy, flaky and delicious. I also picked up a six pack of apple cider doughnuts (for later) since they’re all the rage here locally and a can of our favorite stuffed Greek leaves for our dinner salad later tonight.

apple picking.jpg - 1.jpg

After our quick fave weekend breakfast, we went for a 3.1 mile walk along a local Rail Trail. The locals here have been converting outdated railroad tracks into biking and walking trails. Well, we had to do something to work off those carbs! The walkways are lined with wildflowers and colorful art displays, as this wall art. I took a panoramic iPhone photo so that you can see the entire painting.

apple picking.jpg - 1 (1)

Here’s a slideshow of the other photos I took:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another successful walking day! We clocked in at 3.1 miles. Anything over 2 miles is a go!

apple picking.jpg - 3


  1. A fall apple picking day trip is one of my highlights of the year. Besides the natural opportunity to convene with nature (we have great hiking trails near our orchards as well), it blends grocery and entertainment into one cost! Apples are a bit late this year, but hoping that some varieties might e ready next week, or hold off until the 28th when I have a free weekend again.


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