I Like Hike…….ing.

hudson hike.jpg - 21.jpgAnother great fall day hiking. There are over 28 hiking trails along the Hudson River in upstate New York and DH and I plan on hiking each and every one of them! So far we’ve hiked half of them over the last few years. Some of them we’ve hiked several times because they are so good. As is the one we hiked today. It’s called ‘Poet’s Walk‘ and it’s graded as moderate walk-ability. It’s also very romantic. We must have hiked this trail at least twice per year. Yup! It’s that good. There are ample benches along the way. Your reward for hiking this trail lies at the very end. It nestles high above the Hudson River and offers some of the most breathtaking scenery around.

Only 14 more hiking tails to go.

hudson hike.jpg - 12.jpg
panoramic view of the trail down to the river

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Finally, we only walked/hiked 2.5 miles today. Usually we walk a minimum of 3. Oh well.




  1. Love the name!! Just the name is romantic! Beautiful scenery. And how nice to have an occasional bench for a pit stop. We are looking to try a new hike tomorrow. Going to take my scavenger hunt list along to make it more fun.


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