What Do I Do All Day? Here’s a Synopsis.

I have a set routine that I follow quite closely in retirement. Others may find it to be drudgery but I find comfort in the stable and true. For example, I clean my house each and every day (Saturdays and Sundays included) for a minimum of two hours (usually in the morning).

I probably start around 10AM and try to get finished by noon time. Then I’m out the door and running. I very rarely diverge from this particular routine because I know if I do, the housework would become overwhelming and I’m not into any kind of stress. Besides, I have a dog that sheds and I detest dog hair piling up on the floor, in room corners, on furniture or anywhere for that matter. Plus, I dislike walking into a home that smells like a dog. Thus the vacuuming each and every day.

But I digress. My day really starts the night before. Around 11:30PM I make sure my kitchen is clean, dishes loaded into the dishwasher, counters cleaned off and I pre-make a 12 cup pot of coffee. First off, who wants to wake up in the morning and stumble into a messy kitchen? Not me. So, I make sure my kitchen is nice and clean before I go to bed. Also, when I do wake up in the morning (it’s usually between 4 and 5AM) and literally stumble into the kitchen, who wants to make a pot of coffee? I can barely get my eyes to focus let alone measure out water and coffee grinds. It’s easier for me to just hit the start button on the coffee pot and head to the bathroom while the coffee is brewing (dripping, really….but who’s keeping score?)

Once the coffee is done, I pour myself a cup (with vanilla flavored full cream, of course), feed my dog, let her out to pee and then park myself in front of my computer and start reading my emails, and brush up on the news. Sometimes I watch a little morning news and laugh when they do the traffic report. Who the heck wants to travel in any of that congestion mayhem? Ditto if its raining, snowing, hailing, sleeting or colder than 45F degrees? It’s this moment in the day that I pause and am grateful I’m retired. All that and I’m still in my pajamas!

fave deck coffee.jpg
Weather permitting, this is my special spot where I have my morning coffee!

By 5:30 or 6AM, it’s time for my first nap. Yes, I take naps. Usually 2 a day. One in the morning and another in the afternoon. My morning nap lasts till around 9:30AM. Once I am up, I pop a few of my daily vitamins and I am ready to start cleaning. I have a set routine when the floors are washed, the furniture is lemon oiled, all glass surfaces are windexed, my bathroom heavy cleaned, my kitchen heavy cleaned. Sheets and most laundry items are done every Saturday morning. Whatever I do, it all ends by noon time. I clean each day no more or longer than the two hours. My home always looks neat, organized and clean! And I absolutely love it this way. Clutter is handled and tossed each and every day.(Note: somewhere in all of this hubby makes me breakfast. It’s either eggs or oatmeal. Very simple.)

This is my Spotify selection

I enjoy my home cleaning routine. It’s the best part of my day. I put on my free Spotify music and blast it through my kitchen blue tooth speakers. One day it may be Oldies But Goodies, another day I might play retro disco, another day it might be Lizzo’s new album. Sometimes it’s classical, piano only, coffee house blues. As I said, it’s the best part of my day. This week I’ve been in an Italian mood and I’ve been playing Italian love song classics. It’s great fun cleaning to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble’, Al Martino, Vic Damone. A little Andrea Bocelli and Pavoratti evens out the Italian score. Spotify does a great job putting together an array of songs guaranteed to please any palette.

By noon I’m out the door doing something. Whether that is shopping, heading to the library, meeting a friend, attending a lecture, taking a swim, taking a watercolor class, going to the college gym, hair cut, doctor’s appointment or maybe just staying home and doing a local chore or something. I get back home by 2:30PM, feed my dog, I (we) usually take the dog on a very long walk. A minimum of 2 to 3 miles. I (we) are home by 5PM. I take my afternoon nap. Hubby prepares dinner.

mac n cheese.jpg
Sometimes I’ll cook. We had too much milk left over, so I baked this mac & cheese today before the milk went bad.

By 6 or 7PM hubby and I have watched the NBR Business News and the PBS News Hour (Thanks to Florence for turning me on to this great, calm and un-stressful newscast!). Hubby either watches his automotive shows, I read my finance books or we watch a movie on Netflix together. I like to take long hot baths at this point in the evening, but I keep a watchful eye on our propane usage. By 11 to 11:30 pm, please see above.

That is basically my weekday routine. On the weekends I ALWAYS have some adventure planned for us. It’s usually a free local occurrence. It’s always a seasonal event. Right now it’s fall in the valley so we’ve been apple and peach picking, baking pies, drinking apple cider and indulging in cider doughnuts, going on hiking excursions, mountain viewing, leaf peeping, attending concerts, outdoor auto shows. We have a weekend planned with the grandkids to take them apple picking and on a hay ride around a popular farm up here. A few of my favorite (free) annual Ocktober Fests are popping up. The main one we go to is up on Hunter Mountain, NY which is a fantastic ride up the mountainside (we pass waterfalls!). Once we get to the festival, there’s German dancing, German beer and mouthwatering bratwurst, potato pancakes and apple strudel.

We have two NYC Broadway shows planned for the month of October. One is to see Jay Leno in concert. The other, I’m taking my daughter and granddaughter to see Frozen. I just scored great center seating at only $56 a ticket (despite advertising $97 as the cheapest anyone can get!)


We just joined a new church on Sunday mornings (breakfast is served and included!). This new church has a very active social life. My girlfriend and I are considering joining the women’s prayer team when they go on their next weekend retreat up in the Adirondack Mountains!

Lastly, hubby and I have been getting our new RV ready for our upcoming winter vacation in Florida. Our SUV has to be re-fitted with larger side mirrors. The interior has to be re-stocked with goodies and our summer clothes. In other words, I (we) are very busy in our retirement lifestyle. There’s never a dull moment here. Hubby fiddles around in his partly de-cluttered barn/garage when we’re not together.

Life is good.


  1. Wow! I’d just go ahead and sleep until 9 and then do the drill! 🙂 Of course, I don’t clean my house every day. I take care of my father with Parkinson’s and my son with Down Syndrome (and I’m a writer or try to be, “retired” professor) so I have somebody come in and do heavy cleaning every two weeks. Like today. Though I do enjoy house cleaning. It’s immediate gratification. Wish I had time to do it! It’s amazing how people fill in time after being “retired.” They always wonder how they had time to work! But it’s clear how much you love your life! I enjoyed seeing your day! I’m trying to set up a writing schedule that works with my new care-giver duties, but so far have not succeeded.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lynnfay. When both hubby and I worked, we had a husband and wife team come in and clean our home (a good scrubbing!) every two weeks. I used to do, on Saturdays, a thing with my two daughters called ‘spruce up day’. We’d all pitch in and tidy up our rooms as well as sort through laundry. By noon time we were on the beach!
      I’m sorry to hear about your dad and your son. Do you have any family or good friend to come in and help you sometimes? I hope you do. Caregiving is a big load to carry alone.
      Thanks for taking the time and sending me your comment. When you get your writing uploaded, send me a line. I’d love to read it!


  2. My routine has gone out the window this month and I miss it so much. I feel lost!! Hope to get back in the groove in October. Have been helping with my grand each morning so that has thrown a monkey wrench into the the works. My housekeeping is suffering, my quiet time is hit or miss, and have had so many appointments, I am out of the house every day. Ugh!! We should all pick a day in the coming months and write a post about how that particular day looked in our world.


    • Hi Leslie. I agree. I have found that when I follow my self-imposed routine, I feel very balanced, very centered. It’s my safe place. When I am having a bad day or troubles are at my front door, resorting to my routine is very beneficial. People don’t realize how cathartic routines can be. Plus, when I’m done, my house is clean! My bed is made. Chores are in order. It’s a very comforting feeling.
      Hope you can get back to your own routine very, very soon.
      Love & hugs XOXOXOXO


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