Frugal Friday Finds

I may like to save money BUT I don’t like to shop cheap. That’s a stickler with me. Anybody can buy and eat crap food. The internet is loaded with people like that. They don’t realize that food is a drug. Food is power. You eat well, you’ll live well. And healthy. When I get to shop smart and prepare the finer things in life, for less money, that’s my winning ticket and what I excel in. I always said I didn’t want to be rich; I just want to live like one.

My same theory applies to my home, my car, my clothes, my time and my resources. You don’t have to live in a mansion to keep your home clean, neat and orderly. Make your bed in the morning. Tidy up. Your home will look better and you’ll feel better. About yourself. Ditto for your car (respect it!) your clothes (never buy cheap) your time (never waste it) your resources (don’t squander them).

This is my kitchen table. It overlooks my green, heavily treed backyard and deck. The room is flooded with light. I had it professionally painted a calm, sunny, yellow using top quality paint over 17 years ago and it has held up very well. The table and chairs were handed down to me by my MIL (after I paid her $100 cash). It needed a bit of work, which I did: sanding, painting with a varathane stain. The chandelier I got for only $10 when a local restaurant in town went out of business. Hubby added in a dimmer and it makes for great dinnertime lighting. The plants along the side I got for free from an amateur horticulturist who works at our local post office. The center painting I got on a fantastic sale at Home Goods. All the other odds and ends come from yard sales or Goodwill. The circular wool rug I purchased at Odd Lot and the chair cushions I bought at WalMart for only $6 each. The main thing is that the room is tidy, clean and put together, with a nice view. It makes a pleasant area to sit down in, have a cup of coffee, maybe a lunchtime sandwich or relax simply to enjoy a home cooked meal. When friends or family come over, I have a leaf inserted to expand the table and two other same chairs stored in another room. No clutter. No mail. No trash.

my kitchen table.jpg

I do most of my food shopping in two grocery stores. The first one is the discount Aldi. They’re great for getting top quality but low cost basics such as eggs, cheese, bread, milk, cereals etc. as well as organic and gluten free items.  My other food shopping outlet is an expensive gourmet grocery store, Adams Fairacre Farms (click here). I can’t do all my food shopping at Adams BUT if I shop it right, I can get great deals on top quality meats, poultry, seafood and local produce. Every Wednesday is Aldi’s start of the sale week and when they get their new deliveries. I shop at Aldi every Wednesday.

Adams is family owned, been in business for 100 years and has several locations in upstate New York (close to the farms)


Every Friday is Adams start of their sale week, so on Thursday they discount much of their food products to make way for the newer sales. The sale items are located in several special sections throughout the store. I shop Adams every Thursday. Last week I got a good deal on cauliflower (.99 cents) and cut up, locally farm-raised chicken (@$1.49 a pound). This week I scored four packs of discounted broccoli (three heads), green and yellow peppers (nine), corn (five ears) and honey crisp apples (four). I got each pack for only .99 cents apiece!

frugal Friday finds.jpg - 5.jpg

I passed by the meat department and cheese area and got two deals. One on Italian sausages, 35% off for a savings of $4.30 (they will go great with sauteed peppers and onions) and the other on an Italian burrata, $4.99 vs $6.99 for a $2.00 savings.

frugal Friday finds.jpg - 7.jpg

If you don’t know what a burrata is, click here and look at this photo below. It’s an Italian delicacy (“I just did a DNA test and I’m 100% Italian, quella cagna” as per Lizzo )

Not my photo BUT you get the idea. Adams make their own burratas, as well as sausages. I got them both, on sale, at very good prices!
I cut up all the peppers and froze them for future recipes. The corn and broccoli we will have over the upcoming weekend.

Next, I bought some clothes this week. One of my retired girlfriends took on an extra job working for a woman’s fashion designer apparel, Chico’s (click here). She wound up placed in charge of their seasonal fashion shows. All the designer clothes the models wear are heavily discounted at the end of the show. After this week’s runway show at Chico’s, she called me up, we FaceTimed (video chatted) and she helped me select a few final sale items. I selected two pieces and she mailed them to me. I bought one black & gray striped, tunic-styled top with a generous cowl neckline for myself.  The other top, a blue cardigan-styled sweater, I bought as a birthday present for my sister (she loooooves Chico’s)

chico:frugal Friday finds.jpg - 8.jpg
This top originally sold for $79.50 but I got it for the final sale of $19.98.
chico:frugal Friday finds.jpg - 9.jpg
This was a real score! This piece originally sold for $119. I paid $19.98 for it.
chico shot.png
Chico’s sells great looking, sorta expensive styled clothes for the ‘mature’ woman!

Last frugal find for this week were those sunflowers on my kitchen table. I always love a fresh bouquet of flowers but realistically it’s not always fiscally possible to buy them. This time, I really wanted sunflowers in my kitchen. They just bring smiles to people’s faces. I was scheduled to get my semi-annual manicure ($9 plus tip) this week but I traded the manicure in for the sunflowers ($8 no tip required). I think I’ll get more pleasure out of the sunflowers plus they’ll last a lot longer than the manicure.




  1. The room looks very inviting! How wonderful that this table and chairs is on its second life… beautiful and good for the environment!
    I love Chico’s too. I appreciate the clerk’s help and when you get a sale it can be reasonable. I like clothes to last a long time because I don’t enjoy shopping for them.
    I am hoping to get in some pumpkin muffin and apple crisp baking this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jen. Pumpkin muffins sound divine. I never thought of that! I’m looking forward to diving in to apple cider! yum! So many good things popping up this time of year.
      Thank you for your comment.


  2. I think I might splurge on flowers from the farmers market tomorrow. Generally $8 for a decent bouquet-often with a sunflower or two. I’m avoiding buying fast fashion clothes for now and the near future. I wear my clothes until they don’t look good anymore-but for years because I buy basic, no frills, but neat and professional. I’m a horrible housekeeper-I try, and maybe when I am not working so many hours I’ll do better, but totally agree that clutter makes things look worse, and having a few tidy rooms at all times-my living room, my dining room for example, do give me calm.


    • Hi Sam. Make the splurge and buy yourself those flowers. They do make a difference in our demeanor. I’m loving my sunflowers! I’m the same way as you when it comes to wearing my clothes. Once you buy good quality, you can wear them forever. Into the ground!
      I think my house is staying super neat is because I’m retired. I spend 2 hours a day cleaning and tidying up. Couldn’t do that when I had a job.
      Thanks for your comment!


  3. Great bargains. And your dining table and that whole space are so cute. And clean!!! I know you clean daily…it shows! Sunflowers would win out over a mani for me, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Sunday Cindi! Check out this weeks Shop Rite ad a Wednesday thru Thursday coffee sale with Cafe Buselo included and lasagna super cheap ingredients .
    Thanks for the heads up on Aldi’s Deals I was near one and picked up the eggs and milk and my favorite fall pumpkin 🎃 pancake mix and quick bread mix, salmon and fresh spinach ($1.49)
    Sincerely, Lara


    • Hi Lara. Aldi just got in a whoe bunch of pumpkin products. I bought almost everything: pumpkin real milk creamer, pumpkin spreadable cheese, organic pumpkin w seeds bread, pumpkin pie mix, pumpkin ravioli, and even a real pumpkin as a decoration outside on my front steps! I just want everything pumpkin! It’s so affordable and so delicious AND it’s only available once a year, so why not indulge. Delish!
      Shop Rite has the steaks on sale again but I am still stocked up from their last sale. Other than that, there’s nothing there that I want or need. I Pass for this week but hey! There’s always next week!
      Thanks as always for you kind comments!


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