A Sunday Afternoon Of Jazz and Spectacular Water Views

I often scour the local Facebook pages in my area to see what’s up and coming in the way of free events. My interest hasn’t failed me yet as I stumbled upon this free Jazz Concert sponsored this past Sunday on the grounds of the Wilderstein Mansion (click here).

The history of Wilderstein begins with Thomas Suckley and his wife Catherine Murray Bowne, who sought a location for their country home endowed with striking natural features. The landscape setting at Wilderstein fulfilled this criteria by virtue of its varied terrain and scenic views of the Hudson River and distant mountains. The estate was named “Wilderstein” (wild man’s stone) a reminder of the cultural heritage that preceded European settlement of the region.

The last resident of Wilderstein was Margaret (Daisy) Suckley. A distant cousin and confidante of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Miss Suckley traveled extensively with FDR during his presidency, gave him his famous black Scottish terrier Fala and helped to establish his library in Hyde Park. Miss Suckley was with FDR when he was fatally stricken at Warm Springs, Georgia in 1945. She died at Wilderstein in 1991, in her 100th year. The letters they exchanged, which were discovered in a black battered suitcase at Wilderstein, provide one of the best resources for understanding the private side of Roosevelt’s life during this period.

B&W photo of Wilderstein.jpg
Here’s a 1917 photo of what Wilderstein looked like ‘back in the day’
sunday jazz.jpg - 1.jpg
Here is Wilderstein today, taken with my iPhone, as a backdrop for the Jazz Quartet
sunday jazz.jpg - 12.jpg
Here’s a panoramic shot I took, showing the mansion, the audience and the Hudson River in the background
sunday jazz.jpg - 9.jpg
Here’s a better shot of that spectacular river view of The Hudson

Here’s just a sample of some of the great music the quartet performed this beautiful, sunny, fall day on the great Wilderstein lawn:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

sunday jazz.jpg - 6
Lastly, DH and I had our usual $1.25 fair trade coffee, that we share and our $1.75 each, fresh baked croissant, for a total of $4.75 for a most excellent continental breakfast while we enjoyed the (free) Sunday Jazz concert. And we never had to leave America! Look all around you. You’ll find there’s no place like home!



    • Hi Sam.. I hadn’t thought of vineyards. I have to look that up. But they always push for you to buy something. We went on a free maple syrup tour but at the end the pressure to either buy a bottle of the syrup ($16) or dine in their maple infested cafe was powerful. They guilted us into the $16 which we could have gotten for $5.99 at Aldi. Oh well.
      We fare much better at the historic sights. The free stuff is always donated or through a grant.
      Thanks for your comment.


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