Moon River. We’re Crossing You In Style.

In the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the musical score centered around a song, Moon River, which actually (IMHO) was about the historic Hudson River. The song depicted a couple who wanted to see the world and to do so, had to cross Moon River. In style. (click here to hear the song).

There’s something about the Hudson River. It’s mystical. It’s magical. It has so much history. It circles the island of Manhattan then flows into the sea. The river itself can take you all the way up to Albany, make a left turn and sail you into the great American west. The river has two currents: one up and one down (making it sometimes very dangerous to swim in, if you dare!)

That’s how life is. you can go upstream, downstream; the choice is yours.

sign down river.jpg - 4.jpg

All along the Hudson River are marinas and yacht clubs suiting every style and pocketbook. We like to go to this state run marina called Norrie Point. The costs are very low to either launch your boat or dock your boat. It goes by a lottery system. There are tons of hiking trails as well as camping grounds, all super affordable and super fun. We just like to go to the boardwalk, sit for a spell, look out over the river and think about life.


  1. I was dazzled by your some of your beautiful photos of the river on Instagram. Everything is still so green!! Kind of partial to the Mighty Mississip, myself.


    • Hi Leslie. Hubs and I were just talking about the Mississippi. Everyone keeps flying to Europe to cruise up and down their rivers while we here have some beautiful rivers in America! It’s about time we appreciate what WE have, right?
      Thanks for the comments about my photos. Like you, I love to photograph the things around me.


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