Getting Ready For Flu Season

Less than 10 days ago, it was 90F degrees here. DH and I laughed when we were alerted to get our flu shots. Flu shots? It’s summertime and hot as hell. Fast forward to today and temps have dipped into the mid 40’s with rain and chill forecast for the next five days! Needless to say, DH spent some time on the road, didn’t eat well, didn’t sleep well, his defenses were weakened and he came back home with a nasty cold. I wouldn’t say it’s the flu but who knows what his coughing spree will turn in to? If his health doesn’t improve by mid week, it’s off to the doctors office we go.

In the interim, I’m well prepared for anything:

Bring it on! I’m ready!
I made butternut squash soup today. A touch of pure maple syrup gives this soup it’s warm color.
chicken soup
And the old standby, chicken soup, is ever ready!

As soon as hubby’s ‘cold’ clears up, doc says to wait it out another week after that, then we’re both getting our flu shots! Looks like it going to be a wicked winter! UGH!


  1. Ah, so sorry Nick is under the weather. It happens quickly, doesn’t it? Joe and I already got our flu shots – FREE at the grocery store’s pharmacy.
    This is a great reminder to take vitamins and stay vigilant. That soup looked so delicious!


    • Sharon, we can’t run fast enough to get our flu shots. We get them for free also. We go to our local CVS. We also are obsessed with Vitamin Cs. We pop them like crazy (well, at least I do. now Nick is. and we like gummies YES!)
      Nick is much better today, so thank goodness it was just a cold. We didn’t get sick last year, thanks to our flu shots so we are looking forward to another sick-free season this winter too!

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  2. I just got my shot yesterday and while supposedly a person is not supposed to experience fatigue, I sure was out of it last night. My husband is the opposite-swears he won’t get one again, but we battle over the benefits each year. His body, his choice , but I’d rather get protected at least form some strains. I hope nick is on the mend.


    • Hi Sam. I got sick once or twice from the flu shot and vowed never again. Till I got pneumonia one year! So yes, you’re right. It’s best to get the flu shot (plus I got the pneumonia shot) and hope the benefits outweigh the downside.
      Nick is on the mend. He’s been sick for 5 days. Today is the first day he’s not coughing or hacking himself silly. I’m doing OK. I think my mass ingestion of Vitamin C helps, despite what the critics say! LOL. Mind over matter.


  3. Bought some Nyquil PM to have on hand as we are both feeling sniffly and taking Airborne. Allergies are bad this time around here as we have more rain in October than most of the other months put together. Need to get my flu shot but holding off until I feel better.

    You are a good, thoughtful wife to stir up some homemade soup for your hubs. Hope he is soon feeling 100%. Please come link up with us for Wellness Wednesday!!


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