Have You Changed Your Shopping Habits Due To Recent Mass Shootings?

Holiday time is fast approaching and with the festivities come attending social events. Sometimes these social events can be quite large. You’ll also be shopping at the mall or Big Box Stores this upcoming holiday season. Have the recent mass shootings had any effect on your social and shopping habits?

A third of U.S. adults are so stressed by the prospect of mass shootings that they avoid visiting certain places or attending certain events, according to a new survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Harris Poll. Respondents said that fear was so great they avoid going to certain places or events, and almost a quarter said they’ve changed their lives due to fear of mass shootings.

Public events, malls, schools and movie theaters were the places or occasions that most commonly sparked fears of a shooting. This year alone, mass shootings have occurred in a bank, a college, a warehouse, a municipal center, an apartment, a food festival, a Walmart and a downtown district.

el paso, texas.png

Ever since the recent shooting at a WalMart in El Paso Texas, I have not set foot inside a WalMart. Instead, I order online directly from WalMart and have whatever I need delivered, free of charge. I do all my banking online. I’ve switched filling my prescriptions at a brick and mortar company to an online company. I’m on the waiting list to have my groceries from Aldi, delivered. I don’t go to the movies which caused me to switch my Netflix membership to Amazon Prime. The latter offers more free movies and for a smallish price I can view more recent movies currently playing in the theater.

I’m very cognizant and mindful where I am lately. I look around and locate the exits before I do anything else. I calculate how I would escape should violence erupt. Needless to say the reality that mass shootings can erupt any where, at any time has created an enormous amount of stress and anxiety for me lately. I have found it best to stay home for a while and see what happens in the near future.

How about you? Have the recent mass shootings caused you to alter your previous way of life? Do you avoid crowds now? Stay at home more? When we have upsetting news, people respond in different ways.

Share your feelings with us.


  1. Due to my illness, I have been doing online shopping and banking for years. Walking in a mall or big box store is too much for me. However, when I do have to go out in public my loaded pistol always goes with me. I’ve noticed some places have no gun stickers on their doors. Criminals and those who want to hurt innocent people don’t give those stickers a second thought. The news doesn’t tell the stories of the law abiding citizens who used their guns to protect others from crazed shooters.


    • Forget the news, Dee. They haven’t told the truth in years. Good for you! If more people packed, the bad guys/gals would think twice. Maybe three times before they’d do any harm to anyone.
      Thanks for your comment!


      • I agree about more people packing, however I’ve learned while blogging that there are a lot of people in our country who want nothing to do with guns and think they should be banned.

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  2. Nope, not a bit. I don’t like to shop anyways, but those events don’t stop me from going to those types of places if I want to. Of course, I teach at a school that’s had multiple bullet holes in the last couple years; I know it could happen. I also do not carry; I would be more likely to shoot myself accidentally. Not that I don’t have times of fear, but I trust God with the timing of my life now and when I get to see Him in heaven. Careful, yes, walking in fear, no.

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  3. While I may be more alert, I don’t want to live a in a way that keeps me from being part of the world whenever I need or choose to. I’ve been to London not too long after their attacks, to Paris, to Germany, and go to church, shopping, and concerts. I think most lay people that carry a hand gun, if it ever is drawn, are more apt to hurt an innocent bystander than play Rambo with any precision and stop a bad guy. My two cents and opinion that no one will change my mind on. The stupid gun culture isn’t going to stop mass shootings, but makes people think they have control over the unthinkable.

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  4. I am sorry that you, and so many others, are being made to feel afraid to leave your homes. The ‘bad’ guys are diminishing the quality of your life and that is as important as your life itself. I am fortunate to live in an area where we do not worry about such events (thankfully).

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    • Hi Anne. I’m not afraid to leave my home. I go out and about almost every single day. There’s more fear here of being in an auto accident than mass shootings. I just won’t go to places anymore that are known targets. Why should I give the bad guys something more to shoot at? Until companies or entities install metal detectors, they’re not getting my business. Times have changed and they need to change along with them. Sticking their heads in the sand isn’t going to help anyone.
      You’re very fortunate, as you say that you do not have to worry about such events. Really? Even an island in Norway couldn’t protect 85 students in a camp attack. So I think nowhere is truly ‘safe’.
      Be mindful. Always look at your surroundings. Trust your instincts.
      Thank you for your comment.


  5. I don’t go to movie the anymore because the one time in the last ten years I went to a theater there was a shooting there a couple of hours after I left. I do shop at Walmart when I visit my son and I go to a local Mexican restaurant with him once a month. I am nervous always in public.I worry at church. Some people are crazy and in that town a guy threatened the preacher with a gun at a different church than the one I go to.I play the piano at church so sorta feel like I am a sitting target but there is no one else to play so I play and pray. Since folks have to pass through metal detectors I do not worry so much at work.

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    • Cindy, you’re very blessed metal detectors have been installed! That means a lot when it comes to personal safety.
      Let no one be fooled. Many big churches now have hired armed guns to monitor the church premises. A church I attended in Florida had visible armed police protection.
      I don’t make the times. I just live in them. Failure to face up to our reality is foolish. We live in dangerous times. Take precautions. Be mindful. Look around you. Notice your surroundings. Trust your instincts.
      Stay safe!


  6. Sadly, it was actually 22 killed at Walmart here, and 24 injured. The store is scheduled to reopen next month. Our pastor has encouraged us not to give in to fear but to continue living our best life. But that is easier said than done. I didn’t shop more than once or twice at the Walmart where the shooting occurred. I do continue to shop Walmart, Target and other big name stores. And I feel somewhat reassured when I am greeted at the door by security or sometimes, an El Paso police officer.
    I do think twice when I am in a large gathering of people. We often go to the Sun Bowl game on New Year’s Eve day but probably won’t this year. We sit with one eye fixed on the exit at the movie theater. But we are continuing, for the most part, to do what we like to do.


    • Hi Leslie, unless there is a security check-in for ALL entering a building, security may not be guaranteed. WalMart may have issued a no gun policy but without having shoppers go through a metal detector, they’re wasting everyone’s time.
      It’s not a question of giving in to fear. A shooter would just love, love, love more people ttending a concert or shopping at a big box store because he/she gets to kill and mane more people. Why can’t people understand that one fact? Has nothing to do with standing up to fear. It’s a question of stupidity. Don’t go where you may be in danger. When WalMart, Target, Costco realize their shopper numbers are down, maybe then they will do something about it (besides blow smoke up people’s butts!) There’s a reason why so many brick and mortar stores are closing BUT becoming more visible online. Once they master deliveries by drones the safer and happier we all will be.
      I still shop WalMart but get next day deliveries. WalMart still has my undivided loyalty but I won’t be stepping inside any of their stores for awhile.
      We just upped our streaming from Netflix to Amazon prime because you can get recent release movies inside your own safe home for a smallish fee. Sadly, that’s our new reality. We’re making our homes more like a fortress than delving out into the scary real world.
      Thanks for your comment. My sympathies go out to the families who have suffered greatly in your town, El Paso. 😦


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