Octoberfest: Hunter Mountain NY

octoberfest still photos.jpg - 1.jpg
The ride up the mountain is better than the destination.

Every year, without fail, DH and I make the quest up Hunter Mountain to attend the best Octoberfest we’ve ever been to. The food is fantastic. The drive up is divine. The Sky Ride up the ski slopes is something NOT to be missed. There’s music and the polka and everything German, especially the beer! Admittance is always free and the celebration goes on for four weekends straight.


octoberfest still photos.jpg - 12.jpg

I made a tapestry photo display AND a little video showing you some of the ride up the mountain (you pass a waterfall) and how the scenery looks so different coming down the same mountain. Both ways are beautiful and amazing. There’s plenty of German food, bratwurst, potato pancakes, apple strudel, German potato salad and as I said, lots and lots of German beer!



If you are having trouble viewing the video on YouTube, try this:


      • Anne, I reposted the little 3 minute video underneath the YouTube version. Try it and see if it will play for you. If not, drop me a line. We’ll figure it out! 🙂


      • It definitely is beautiful up in the mountains, especially now with the turning of the leaves. The line for the Sky Ride was so long this year that I couldn’t make it, which was a big loss because the photo ops at the top of Hunter Mtn are gorgeous! Oh well. There is always next year!
        Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you liked the video and I was able to upload it in a format you could view. Thanks again for reading my blog!


      • I really enjoy it. I never looked at blogs before (or maybe I did and didn’t know they were blogs). I just thought with retirement coming up I might try it out as I used to love writing. Turns out I still love reading too. I started in the media thing with Facebook so I could exchange grandbaby pics with my sister’s, then I pretty much switched to Instagram because Facebook got so political and there are so many great instagram posters who are public ones I can I follow. Now I am finding I love blogging even more because the people who blog are more ‘real’ than Instagram.

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    • $9 for bratwurst with all the trim my. $7.50 German beer in tall plastic cup. $5 for large Apple/cherry strudel. I did see people with stub tickets. They were part of travel groups. Entertainment free. They did have a sit down outdoor restaurant serving full meals. We spent $30 on the two of us. Hope that helps. The bratwurst were HUGE. Delish. Worth the trip alone.


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