Are You A Mad Retiree?

Have you been forced to retire before you planned on retiring? Have you retired and recently found out your retirement savings weren’t what you thought they were going to be because your 401K (or whatever) got hit with fancy fees? Have you retired with less than five million dollars in the bank? Have you retired with not enough in savings as those pesky financial gurus advised you to?  Did you lose your job in your 50’s only to find out you could never get hired again and earn your old pay grade? Have you fallen ill? Had a heart attack, cancer diagnoses or simply had a mental breakdown? Have you retired with a promised pension only to find out the company you worked 30 years for (or 20 years or 10 years) went bust? Have you lost your retirement money in the stock market, bond market, gambling market or to a ‘friend’ who had a “really good tip”?

In other words, are you a Mad Retiree?

Well, sit right down and take a deep breath. First know, you are NOT alone. You have a lot of company. Secondly, there are plenty of things you can actively do to straighten out your retirement years and live your best life ever. Is it going to be easy? Maybe not. Maybe yes. Will it involve sacrifice? Maybe yes. Maybe not. If you concentrate on the end result (living well in your retirement years), however, the reward will be greater than the sacrifice so a bit of un-comfortableness is AOK.

mad as hell.png

Here’s your first wake-up call and it’s going to apply to everyone whether already retired, soon-to-be retired, now or not. Nothing….and I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G. is going to prepare you for what it is going to feel like when that steady paycheck doesn’t come in anymore. The fear you are going to feel when that reality sinks in is going to be mind blowing and hopefully mind changing. Fear not. You will find other work. The secret is to lower your expenses (and expectations) and work within your new reality.

Truthfully, there really is no reason for you to quit your job at 62, 65 or 70. You can keep on working if you want to. Relax. No pressure. Nor is there any reason for you to worry about your retirement if you lost your employment sooner than planned. That’s the big hoax. You can successfully retire at any age by utilizing the new three-legged stool standard my 18 years of retirement have proven to me to be the most successful mix of retirement advice of all time: Cash (savings, social security, pensions) Investments (annuities, stocks, bonds, CDs EFTs, treasury bonds etc. etc) Work (full time, part time, when you feel like it time, otherwise a.k.a in retirement as ‘The Side Hustle’).

This blog will teach you how to make your retirement work. For you! Planned or un-planned. Things didn’t work out as you thought they would? No problem. Been there. Done that. Take that madness you feel and channel it into making your retirement life the best it can possibly be!

I’m a Mad Retiree. I’m a human being and my life has value, goddamit! I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!


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