Six Foods I No Longer Buy. Plus One.

tortorini soup
Chicken broth. I save chicken bones in the freezer and when I have a bunch, I make my own broth for my own soups.
Salad dressing. I use the old bottles but make the dressing myself.
florentine chicken
Restaurant Meals: (chicken Florentine with braised spinach, capers and lemons over jasmine rice)
oven fried chicken
Ready cooked chicken. I make it myself, in the oven.
on a plate
Individual servings. I freeze my own for future use.
Granola: I make it myself: (old fashioned oatmeal, honey, vegetable oil, coconut flakes, sliced almonds, raisins.
Retail candy & snacks: I buy them at close out, odd/job lot stores now.
ripped pjs
Anything from Lands End
more ripped pjs
These pj’s are barely a few months old and have holes in the elbows, the material has thinned and starting to shred. Never Again!



  1. I no longer purchase steak sauce. I make my own by mixing ketchup and Worcestershire sauce together. I don’t have an exact measurement (I eyeball it and taste as I go) but the measurement is approx. 3/4 cup ketchup to 1/4 cut Worcestershire sauce. Tastes as good as A-1 to us. Penny S.

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    • Florence, already working on it. I complained to Lands End. This is the second time. Remember the slippers??? Well anyway, they issued me a free return and once they get back the PJs they are sending me another pair, in a different color. I really don’t want their stuff anymore. I can’t get a refund ($57!!!!) BUT if the pjs last another 9 – 10 months, what can I do?
      Meanwhile I have a pair of flannels that I bought at WaMart for ten bucks 5 years ago and they are still going strong!
      Go figure.


  2. When I get sick, my husband goes to a special butcher and buys an old stewing hen ($5.) He makes the best chicken broth/soup. Our regular chickens and turkeys are so mass produced, there is no flavour in the bones.

    We make our dog her food. We are always reading up on what is best and bad for her. It uses up meat (that we keep out unsalted) and vegetables that would go to waste.

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