A Wind Storm Leaves Us Powerless. Literally.

We had a big windstorm here on Thursday that knocked out our electricity. Power lines are down and fallen trees are almost everywhere. We’ve gotten restoration estimates to be as late as Sunday or even Monday. Not good. Thankfully, we have a generator, but it’s a manual one. Most of our neighbors have a dedicated automatic generator and I suppose that’ll be our next project once this bout of prepper living passes.

power outage.png

DH set up our generator to provide us with heat, some lights, well water pumped up (hot water so we can take quick showers), the refrigerator running and the microwave. That’s about it! Most people want to have their whole entire house run off a generator. That’s a mistake. Generators burn hundreds of gallon of energy per hour very quickly. You should only have the necessities boot off of your generator.

Fortunately we didn’t put away our summer gas BBQ, so we’ve been able to grill some meals out on the deck. For DH, his priority is keeping the TV and internet running (thus allowing me to post this update to y’all) and enough power to boot up the coffee pot first thing in the morning. For safety reasons, we don’t have the generator run at night. We shut it down right after the evening news. But before we do the shut down, DH raises the heat and we bundle down into the bed. As long as we stay under the covers, we can make it through the night. Last night, temps got as low as 28F degrees. Brrrrrr!

So, just bear with me. I’ll be back up blogging soon enough. I can’t get to respond to your comments yet. I can only approve & like them. In the interim, DH and I are trying to stay warm, have enough to eat and binge watch the new season of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. So much for suffering through this current power outage!




  1. Hang in there! I know what’s it’s like to be without power as our last bad tornado knocked it out for several days. Luckily we had a generator.

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  2. Glad you are making the best of it–Jack Ryan was fun!
    We have a camp stereo stove for lights out. We will be getting a generator for our next house since we will be more rural. The well will also have a hand pump!
    Happy Winter!


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