It’s Party Time. Here Are 10 Rude Things Your Host/Hostess Doesn’t Want You To Do.

The Thanksgiving and holiday season is fast approaching. Odds are you will be invited to party with a friend or family. And of course, there’s that office or neighborhood party you might snag an invite to. There’s all sets of proper etiquette most of us should follow, such as always bring a gift or food choice, taking off your shoes before entering anyone’s home or skipping the party scene altogether should we have the flu. Whatever the case may be, there are a certain set of concrete rules all of us should follow regardless of the holiday atmosphere.

For more information on what to do or not to do at your next holiday gathering, according to the host or hostess, click here.

My favorite cocktail: Cosmopolitan

Here’s the full list of the 10 worst breaches of party etiquette a guest can make. Good to know, just in case you’ve been inadvertently committing any of these offenses.

1. Showing up ill (36 percent)

2. Asking for a food or drink that isn’t out (33 percent)

3. Being the last one to leave (33 percent)

4. Getting too drunk (33 percent)

5. Showing up early (32 percent)

6. Being on your phone all night (30 percent)

7. Launching into politics (29 percent)

8. Not RSVPing to invitation (28 percent)

9. Spilling a drink or food (27 percent)

10. Not bringing food (to a potluck) (26 percent)


  1. this is a great list! living with multiple chronic illnesses I have had to stop having people over for celebrations – there would always be someone who showed up ill and if/when I caught it I would be bedbound for weeks. i am glad i am not the only one who found this to be terribly rude.


    • Hi Wendi. I’m so sorry that happened to you. But things are changing. People are more aware now. In the ‘before’ time it was rude NOT to show up at the party regardless of your health. Now, thankfully, we know better and we accept when our guests have to decline due to ill health. It’s considered good manners now.
      Live and learn. We people are always learning.
      Thanks for your comment. Stay well!

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      • Thank you so very much! Yeah….it wasn’t that long ago. 🙂 And they were all told not to show up ill due to my illnesses……..maybe I just hang with a bad crowd 🙂
        Hope your day is treating you well.

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  2. I’ll add one, coming when you really don’t want to. No matter the reason, being tired, upset, don’t like the event, can’t get along with someone at the party, its only one event and as the hostess we’d rather miss you than spend the night trying to make you happy. I appreciate guests who simply say, “I’ll pass this time.” I do the same and still get invited back!


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