Things I’m Thankful For In Retirement

thankful and blessed.jpg

Things I’m Thankful for, now that I am retired:

1. A paid-for home. I can’t stress this blessing enough! Everyday you hear more and more about the rising count of homeless people or how there is a housing shortage or rents are being raised to un-affordable heights. The most important thing I am most thankful for is a permanent roof over my head in retirement.

2. A paid-for newish car. Public transportation is totally out of the question for where I live. I have the freedom to go wherever I want to go or travel wherever I want to travel and not worry about car payments or excessive vehicle repairs and/or maintenance.

3. Food on the table and health care. Good food means good health. Good health care means a good, long healthy life.

4. A savings account. In addition to receiving a pension and social security, I have money in the bank should a calamity befall me.

5. A family. I have a husband, two daughters, two granddaughters, two sons-in-law, a brother and a sister who love and care for me. PS: don’t forget my faithful dog!

6. A friend. I’ve have one, very close friend of 52 years and counting. We come from the same background, share the same upbringing, share the same beliefs and fears. Priceless.

7. An RV. I can vacation anywhere I want, thanks to my RV. Warm places in the winter. Beaches in the summer. My choices are endless.

8. A Gift For Writing. I’ve been writing almost daily since I was 14 years old. I’m thankful my mind is still alert and active and I can still form a sentence or two with the best of them!

9. A blog. See point #8 above. My blog has made forming long term, online friendships possible. Each and every one of my readers is important to me. They give my writing purpose and meaning.

10. A Frugal Lifestyle. Anyone can spend money. Spending it wisely or not at all, however, is a talent. No one is born with this talent. It is learned over time. Forever.


  1. Wise words! #10 resonated with me. The holidays are coming, I have a Xmas trip so I was thinking “maybe I need some new boots”. Nope, I need to really think about what I need to pack for the trip first and avoid shopping.

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