Thanksgiving Came Early This Year

The family is over this weekend because we’re celebrating Thanksgiving a bit earlier this year. Every other year my daughters spend their Thanksgiving with their in-laws and the alternate year they all spend it with me. This is our ‘off’ year, so we are celebrating Thanksgiving the weekend before the actual Thursday holiday.

My son-in-law is the baker. He made us a superb apple pie and pumpkin pie:


Hubby is doing the bird and made us a fantastic sourdough stuffing:


In our house, the men do all the cooking. I’ll post pictures of the rest of our meal as soon as they come out of the oven. We women relax and then do all the clean up. Works for us! The grandkids get to play. All day.

So, what are your plans this holiday season?

Wishing you and yours to have a Happy Thanksgiving!

As promised, here’s our delish, fully stuffed, Butterball turkey:stuffed turkey.jpg



  1. Looks yummy! Awesome that the men do the cooking!! Hubby helps me by peeling, dicing, slicing, opening cans, etc but he’s mostly in charge of the turkey whether it’s in the oven or deep fried outside.

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  2. We are going to our daughter’s house for Thanksgiving. This is the first time she has done the Thanksgiving Turkey. She asked us to bring our traditional dressing (Cornbread-Sausage). She and her husband both love to cook so I am looking forward to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

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  3. Those are two beautiful pies! I wouldn’t mind celebrating early or late and actually having a Thursday, midweek, to just enjoy the calm. Happy Thanksgiving and early Thanksgiving, Cindi.

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