The Start Of Our Beach Bum Budget

For the first time ever, in my husband’s professional lifetime, he has turned down work. I suppose we all come to that crossroad in our lifetime where we say to ourselves and the world: enough! He’s worked and labored as long as he could. He’s exhausted and truthfully, so am I. Just looking at him come home after work tired and worn out is exhausting!

With hubby no longer working, we still have two more years to go till he collects Social Security. So we may start to experience a blip in our budget projections. Time to switch over to our tried & true: Beach Bum Budget. It’s time to wind down, toss away un-necessories and trim our budget down to the bone. This is when we get to live the beach bum lifestyle, which in all honesty, we love! A little sand, salt water and body surfing and we’re golden.

I know this is Black Friday and everyone is out shopping. We aren’t. In fact, our spending has come to a complete halt. We have a different goal in mind and it doesn’t include buying gifts for anybody. Stick a fork in us we’re done.

Our new Beach Bum Budget covers simply the basics. There’s no room for extras or for doing anything special. Well, maybe buying a bottle of rum or two. And a few liters of sangria. But other than that, we now officially proclaim we are beach bums!



    • Not soon enough! It started snowing today. I think we’re in for a foot of snow. Not good. Next year we’ll leave earlier. Have a few family and medical issues to deal with first.
      Thanks for asking.


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