My Word For 2020: Kindness

We all need to be kind to each other. We’ve all been through a lot these past few years together. Couldn’t we just give our differences a break and just relax and be kind to one another? What would it take to smile, to open a door, to say hello, tip a hat, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’? Really?

Kindness takes heart, compassion, gentleness and a gentle-spirit. Kindness means taking someone’s needs before your own, turning a cheek when you want to fight back or keeping lips sealed when it is easy to lash out. Kindness takes love and a heart that isn’t a stranger to love.

be kind.png

I copied this list of 25 ways to be kind from a yoga website (click here). There are plenty of ideas and suggestions many of us can follow (gosh….at least one) to bring kindness to others in the upcoming new year. You don’t need a reason to be kind to people.

Here are 25 suggestions and ideas of ways to be kind.

1. Smile and make someone’s day a little sweeter.

2. Look for ways you can promote peace.

3. Just listen.

4. Offer a hug or embrace.

5. Invite someone new into your friend tribe.

6. Send out a kind email or card.

7. Give someone a genuine compliment.

8. Help clean up, without being asked, help someone out in a practical way.

9. Hold open the door for the person behind you.

10. Encourage a friend or family member when they are uncertain or

11. Make peace with someone that has hurt you.

12. Strike up a conversation with a stranger.

13. Let someone into your lane while driving.

14. Pay for the person behind you in line.

15. Give your time to a friend or someone who needs it.

16. Say Thank You and Please everyday without fail.

17. Meditate on loving kindness: “May you be happy, healthy, peaceful, and free from suffering, and may my actions in some way contribute to the happiness, health, peace, and freedom for all.

18. Say “I love you” a little more often to your family and friends.

19. Pause before you speak, and choose words with positive intention.

20. Help someone get some rest (watch their kids, run an errand, bring them dinner, etc).

21. Pick up litter you see thrown about even if its not yours.

22. Remove complaints and curses for one week.

23. Gift something meaningful to someone: loan a book, bring flowers, drop off cookies, whatever suits your fancy.

24. Make a donation.

25. Give up your seat, or for that matter, move your yoga mat in class, with positive intent.

I am dedicating myself to inspire everyone to bring kindness to the forefront. Let’s be more active in our efforts not because we have to, but because we want to. And not even because others have been kind to us but because being nice is the way of the heart.

Kindness is always a choice. The more conditioned we are to respond with kindness, the more natural it becomes. It is on purpose with purpose.

Which ways do you try to show kindness every day? Share your tips and tricks with us below!


  1. One of my decisions of how to practice kindness over the past year is to chose and send items from the Amazon Wishlist for Refugee Services of Texas each week. I don’t think I missed a week last year and I intend to continue next year.


  2. I practice several items on the list above already . I also let elderly people and people with small children go ahead of me in lines . I always make nice comments to people who have a beautiful hair style or a pretty top or attractive eye frames ect . I made handmade cards and like to send them to people to brighten there day. I also handmade valentine, Easter , Halloween , ect shaped boxes , treat holders , ornaments , cards , tags ect with wrapped candies and I often hand one to a cashier at a take out window , the receptionist at the Dr office , the grocery bagger , along with a tip for the waitress . I do this a real lot , it not only brings a smile to the face but to mine too and who couldn’t use a smile . Kindness is free . Great post today ! PS if you want me to send me a email with your address I’d love to send you a card , if you don’t give out your address I totally understand that too .

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    • Cindy, your comment came to me at a very right time. You must have a 6th sense or something. I was feeling blue today because I was thinking about my just recent birthday and how neither one of my daughters sent me a birthday card. People don’t realize, that just a simple thing like sending a card, despite the price and the postage, can do so much good for someone. I was feeling sorry for myself when I got your comment. Your wishing to send me a card was just the right thing to say to me to brighten up my day and take my sadness away.
      There’s no need for you to send me a card. Just knowing that you wanted to is more than enough kindness for me today. Thank you so much for it.


  3. Oh happy belated birthday to you ! I send cards to everybody I know . I have been told many times by people how it brightens there day to be thought of . A smile across the miles . I would love to send you either a holiday card or thinking of you or a belated birthday or even a thank you card for doing your blog . Shame on your daughters for not sending you a birthday card . I think the older we get the more it means to us . BTW I’m 65 .

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