Out For A Winter’s Walk

With morning temps in the single digits (this morning it was 7Fdegrees) it gets to be downright ‘tropical’ when afternoon temps hit 32F degrees. And with that, hubby and I bundled up and went out for a walk. We heard that one of the Hudson River mansions was giving free Holiday tours but unfortunately when we got there, it wasn’t true. The free tour is scheduled for December 21st, so I got the information incorrect. (click here)

Nonetheless, the sun was shining, as it always does in The Hudson Valley, so we took a walk around the mansion instead. Most of the paths were clear but there were patches of ice so we had to tread very carefully. It’s amazing to me that despite the frigid temperatures, when the sun is out, you really don’t feel the cold.

Hubby and I clocked two miles walked this brisk Saturday afternoon. It was so good to finally get out of the house! Afterwards, we headed over to our favorite pizza joint for a slice and a hot cup of coffee. It was a really great day!


There’s that sun!

The mansion we visited today was located in Clermont NY and built by Robert Livingston (a well known early politician in New York State).  Hubby and I haven’t been here in years so it was nice to be back. When we first moved to The Hudson Valley back in 2001, my daughters and I used to come here in the summer. It was a quiet place to get a tan, enjoy the view and have a picnic. We’ll be back December 21st because they put on a great holiday show for the season. The local high school band plays Christmas music all day and you can always help yourself to a (free) hot cup of apple cider.


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