‘Tis The Season For Binge Streaming

I have been doing a lot of Binge Watching lately. A Lot! When I bought my new iPhone last month, it came with a free one year subscription to Apple TV. So I’ve been binge watching The Morning Show ever since. Netflix sent me a notice that they wanted me back thus offering me a free one month subscription. I spent that month watching The Irishman and finally seeing the 3rd season of The Crown.  (both superb, BTW) Next comes a two month free subscription to Showtime, because I bought an Amazon Fire TV stick. I spent the first month binging on Season 6 & 7 of Ray Donovan. The second month I spent watching all the top, first rate movies I can’t get anywhere else (I Feel Pretty).

Lastly, thanks to Amazon Prime and their unlimited free shipping, I ended my two month binge watching spree with seeing the 3rd season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. (also super superb BTW) which brings me to: I’m all TV puckered out. It would have been nice to have gotten all this entertainment on one channel, like any of those free broadcasting channels but to no avail. You have to be very, very careful when you log onto any of those streaming channels. One wrong move of the remote and you might charge up a storm to your credit card.

There are other streaming giants, such as Hulu and Disney. Hulu keeps sending me emails offering me a free one month once I return. I’m not ready yet. Disney TV hasn’t offered any freebies so I think I’ll wait till they do. There’s really nothing much I want to see on Disney so perhaps I’ll wait till the grandkids come over and we can all binge watch together.

Whatever the reason, this sure is the season for cuddling inside and binge watching some of the finest (free) entertainment that boob tube ever had to offer. IMHO!


  1. Cindi

    The man in the high castle on Amazon Prime. Based very loosely on the book. So chilling it will make your heart hurt.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.


  2. I finished watching The Irishman last night and it was excellent. Robert De Niro deserves an Oscar for it. If you get a chance to see Knives Out, don’t miss it either. It was really entertaining. The Downton Abbey movie was pretty good too.


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