There Will Be No New Year’s Resolutions.

I have absolutely no goals, no dreams or desire to make any plans for 2020. No losing weight plan, exercise more plan, travel more plan, save more plan, spend less plan, eat healthier plan, lay off carb plan……nothing…..nada…..zilch. I’m just going to take the year one day at a time. I will plan for nothing and I will expect nothing. Maybe by doing so, that’s a plan in itself? Regardless. One thing I have learned in these nineteen years or so of retirement living, it’s best to just not make any plans at all and just live your life day by day.

DH underwent his aneurysm MRA screening this past Monday. Because this is a holiday week, we may not know the results for a while. A preliminary ECHO cardiogram showed that his aortic aneurysm grew extremely slowly since his last exam two years ago. So, that’s encouraging. But not to be fooled. The ECHO is not as accurate as the MRA is. No matter what happens, there is no escape. DH MUST get open heart surgery, probably within the next two years or so in order to repair his other, more fatal, rare celiac aneurysm.

In the interim, DH and I just keep moving forward and continue to live our lives on a daily basis. We’re currently packing up and getting ready to spend the winter RVing down on the Treasure Coast beaches of Florida. You can’t help but have a thought in the back of your head asking if this is the last time you’ll be doing this? Will there be a next year? Another one after that? That’s when I decide to stop thinking about the future and just concentrate on the present day. As I said, there will be no planning. No goals. No forward thinking. Just the here and now.

We had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with my two daughters, two SILs and two granddaughters. My youngest did the hosting and did a wonderful, lovely job. It was very nice to just sit there and be part of the party rather than embroiled in it. DD2 did all the shopping and the preparation. Finally my job as a mother has paid off! She prepared and served many of our favorite foods. Her house was decorated to the brim in Christmas ornaments, sparkling lights, tinsel and many DIY projects my granddaughter and she did together!

Family is going to take on a whole new meaning to us. Thankfully we are all near each other (within reason). Everyone is well aware of what is happening and what may happen. As I said. You just can’t think of the future. You can only think about today. And appreciate each and every second of it.




  1. I’ll wish you and your husband a joyful 2020. I’m glad you were treated to some great hosting after all your Thanksgiving weekend work. I will keep hopes for positive test results as part of my prayers. Good luck to you and your preparations for your pending trip.


  2. I must lose weight this year. It is not an option—> BP is climbing and there is a history of strokes in my family.
    I hope Nick’s MRI comes back with good news. Waiting is so hard.
    Hope you have a safe trip and have a pleasant visit with your sister.


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