On The Road Again

DH and I are back on the road RVing again. We have a couple of stops to make along the way. One in Virginia, another in Tennessee and a New Years Eve bash to attend in Georgia before we settle down on the Atlantic beaches of The Treasure Coast of Florida. We have family that just recently moved out of New York and settled in VA and TN and DH and I are eager to see their new digs. Both bought properties with at least six to ten acres of land. We know we probably will have to move out of NY one day. It’s all good.

buon natale.png

Our neighbor next door is having a granny pod/tiny house built for his in-laws and we agreed to have his wife’s parents stay in our home while we’re away. It worked out fine. They’re paying us a smallish rent (which will offset our Florida traveling expenses). Our home is all on one level, which is good for them. They’re very sweet (and extremely neat!) Plus, our neighbors will be around checking in on them. Again, it’s all good.

We were originally going to boondock along the way but there have been a recent slew of attacks on RVers so we decided to play it safe, and opt for gated RV rest stops. It’s going to cost us a bit more than we planned but we’d rather be safe. Personally, I like having the full hook up and a running hot shower every night. Boondocking means you have no amenities and oftentimes you put up for the night in WalMart parking lots, truck stops or other not-so-safe areas.

Internet access on the road is sketchy. I added on unlimited data to our cell phone service, as well as a Hot Spot. In the interim, I’ll be posting more to our Instagram account. You can either follow us with your own Instagram account or click on the Instagram connection here on my blog: AdventuresCindi_Nick (click here)

I’ve also added a donation button (upper right corner or extreme bottom) should anyone want to help out a Mad Retiree such as myself with a financial gift of only $5.00. To those who bought me a cup of coffee during the holidays, I want to say ‘Thank You’. Your generosity is appreciated and yes! I had myself quite a few cappuccinos. Every single one of them was savored and delicious!

sun set view florida
This is our actual view from our RV site. I can’t wait to finally get warm!!


  1. What part of Virginia? Sounds like you guys will have a fun adventure! Enjoy the warmth, although we are supposed to hit 61 degrees today, so we are having a warm spell. 🙂


    • Hi sharon. Go figure, right. I was thinking about you and Virginia. One day we’ll stop and say hello. In a way I’m glad we have good weather down. Much better.


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