You Meet The Nicest People RVing.

We checked into our site tonight a bit late and a lot more tired than anticipated. When we hit I95 after circumventing the Washington DC traffic, it was bumper to bumper most of the way down to Georgia.

Nonetheless at check in I asked if they had any toilet paper for sale. You have to use this special wafer thin paper otherwise you’ll clog up your septic system. Unfortunately they were all out. This is a busy travel season down to Florida. The RV resort was booked solid. Anyway DH and I thought we’d muddle through the night till we can get to a WalMart.

A little while later there was a knock on our RV and it was the woman who was behind me on line. She brought hubby and me two rolls of RV toilet paper! As I said, you meet the nicest people RVing. Her name is Anita. We got to talking. I thanked her profusely because she literally saved my butt.  We’re meeting she and her husband tomorrow morning at the free waffle and sausage breakfast.  They’re staying in Bradenton which is right next to Sarasota which we will be at later this month. We’re making plans to meet up again.

And so a friendship is born.




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