Getting Settled In Our New Winter Home.

I’m writing this post on my cell phone which isn’t comfortable but it will have to do for today. We’re settling in. We have a spectacular view. We’ve met a few of our neighbors. And we’re warm!  We’re back to wearing shorts and flip flops! As soon as we’re more set up, especially with WiFi I’ll post longer entries.
Here’s our view as well as a photo of tonight’s first home cooked meal. Plus I brought my little Christmas plant with me. She survived the grueling trip down  I didn’t want to throw her out. She’s enjoying her new view.


    • Anne, sunrise is 7:25am here. Can’t wait to sit along the inter coastal and have my first coffee. Our next door neighbor is from Canada. I was telling him I want to book next year and he said to me “enjoy today!” Words of wisdom. He and I are going to get along fine.
      Thanks for your comment.


      • Now I do envy you for sure. Sunrise here is about 9. I go to work at 7:30 in pitch dark on icy roads (uphill both ways😂). Not my favourite part of the day for sure and it is relatively dark by 5pm when I am coming home. Enjoy your early sunrise coffee!

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