Snowbirding On A Budget

Hubby and I are having a “heated” discussion. So I’ll ask you this question and welcome your decision: If you had a vacation budget of $3000 and three months, would you opt to blow it all by staying at a super luxurious location but only for three weeks or spread it out frugally and get to vacation the whole three months?  I chose the later. Hubby wants the first option.

And that’s how retirees run the possibility of running out of money.

Why have filet mignon for the first 3 days and starve the rest of time? When you can eat chicken ALL of the time ( with a few vegan meals thrown in) and you can last the rest of your life?

Hubs wasn’t happy with our snowbirding location. After years of luxury I noted our savings was dwindling. Fast. Throw in the facts that DH is no longer working due to bad dwindling health concerns and a two more year wait till his social security, I was disappointed with myself I hadn’t thought of going frugal years ago.  We’re staying at an RV/Trailer park this year vs RV resorts of the past. There are no amenities here. No pool. No hot tub. No social events. No cable TV. No shuffle board. No bocce games. Just a safe spot to stay, with a full hook up, nice neighbors, free WiFi, great view and an inexpensive laundry room. The price difference? $1500 a month vs $650 a month. The public free beach is right down the road.

Lets not forget that Florida charges 19% for stays under 3 months. I’m only being charged 7% because we’ll be here for the 3 months.

This is our morning sunrise view. Priceless IMHO
Here’s a photo of our tourist-free lifeguarded beach!

Another thing I made sure of was our location to the nearest Aldi supermarket. We’re 14 miles away. Before we got settled we daily shopped at a WalMart. We spent an easy $50 for just a few items. Ridiculous! Our total Aldi bill for two weeks of really good food came to $185. Our RV pantry and larger fridge easily stored it all.

I’m the financial guru here. It’ll be the way I say. Figure out your bottom line and make it work. Freeing up the extra money affords us to do more things. Such as rent a sailboat for a day. See a show. Go out to dinner. Stop off at a local fish joint for a mahi sandwich and a beer. I don’t need no stinking pool. I have the Atlantic Ocean. And I have my financial holdings intact. And a three month stint in the fun and the sun.

I made a new friend at Aldi.



  1. I like the balanced argument that you have posted here. As a new retiree I need to consider the two options as a minimum. I do want to travel but I don’t quite know where or how yet. I will explore our Aldi for groceries and I will also pay close attention to the lodging taxes. Although I don’t have an RV, I might look for one in the future. For now, I have like new SUV, air mattress and tent. My traveling experiences will be meager at first but with some experience I can learn some new tricks of the trade and make reasoned decisions.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments concerning luxury versus frugality.

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  2. Well, I am one to go out to eat less often, but eat somewhere fabulous where I don’t get that kind of food at home, so I tend to lean hubby’s way. However, the weather isn’t too nice up north, so I can see your point of view as well. I don’t hate the snow, but I’d love to get a month mid winter in the sun to stock up on vitamin D. I’d probably pick his option and then use your little trailer for some short summer trips in other areas. Maybe you can switch off every year?

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    • Hi Lynn. We’re already booked for a month or two in Newport RI @$900 a month. Ouch. Also no amenities. It’s also a 55+ Community as this Florida Park is. We’re with other retirees which I like.
      I came here to be a beach bum and boogie board surf almost every day. My goal is to fish and grill up my own catch of the day. I love this lifestyle. Hubby’s a bit of a snob. He’ll get over it. 👍👌💕


  3. Maybe you can make it his mission to look for the perfect (and inexpensive) resort for next year. You have three months- that is lots of time to wander. I would do anything to stay out of the cold for those three months….and maybe he needs to own that?
    Have a great stay. The ocean looks lovely.


  4. I’m with you all the way. Are there some activities your husband would really want to do which your current situation would allow for but not if the choice was his preference? Would another choice (for next year maybe) be to stay at the luxurious place for a smaller amount of time? Just trying to think of more than 2 options. In any case, your plan sounds great to me – lots to enjoy! There are always things to do for those who look a bit. And, it is most important to me to live within my means! Doing that provides more options in the future. Happy New Year!


  5. Lol…not sure what you’d welcome if we chose hubs route as you say “It will be the way you say!” We trade off when we choose where and how to travel. Sometimes are more frugal than others but all within the lump sum budget for the year. When home is so nice…it really works out to be gone shorter times as well. Enjoy your new Rv and the sunshine!


    • Thanks. I was thinking of doing a meet up for all of us? Downtown Sarasota? At the French Cafe C’est La Vie? Maybe around January 23rd or 24th? Early afternoon? What are your thoughts?


  6. I just added a photo of our beach. I had forgotten to post it in the beginning. As stated, pictures speak a 1000 words. I’ll post our RV site location setting soon. Thanks all.


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