Some Scenes From Vero Beach


  1. Hmm, it looks lovely there! Your other post made it sound like hubby thought it was a shabby spot or something! So I would definitely stay put this year, stay warm, and if he has his heart set on a luxury hotel/spot, maybe try to swing it next year for a week or two along your travels. If you plan for it, you might accomplish both goals. Is he having to have that surgery? My brother is having his three days of testing at Cleveland Clinic soon and trying to decide if/when to move forward.


    • Hi Lynn. I like your suggestion. That’s a great compromise.
      Hubby completed his tests and doctor said no change in the last two years. This is very good news. They’ll meet later on to discuss plan of action but as of today all is good. Thank heaven. I was very worried.
      I pray your brother does well.
      Thanks for your comment.


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