Living Our Best Life In 2020

With a bunch of well lived retirement years tucked neatly under my belt, I think I’ve gotten this retiree thing under control. Sure new things will pop up, but after running around like a chicken without a head for years, I’ve been able to streamline how I want to live my best retirement year, starting 2020.

We found out that downsizing our home in 2001 still holds true in 2020. Going from a 9 room house to a 4 room house, a $6500 monthly expense (in 2001 dollars) down to a $2500 monthly expense (in 2020 dollars), from a high tax area to a lower property tax area is still viable to our retirement bottom line. While it was difficult to go from a high middle income to a lower income, the benefits of the decline made it palatable. Being over 65 gave us a reduction on our property taxes and access to more affordable health care. When we finally figured out what’s necessary and important for a good quality retirement life, what we’ve accomplished now is all good.

Life is all about choices and decisions  I’ve made bad choices in both categories BUT the key is to quickly right side your mistakes and try again to get them right.  I like my life to be real and honest  I’m no white supremest retiree who pontificates from his or her throne and spew out endless exotic vacation YouTube videos, slick duds, sleek cars and worthless financial advice.  I can assure you not a one of them ever missed a meal or know what’s its like on the human side of life.

Our new RV is working out fabulously. It took a few other RVs to get our needs right and I can honestly say it was worth it. The queen-sized bed is great.  The kitchen is workable and we can continue to cook our gourmet meals.  It’s great having a couch. The bathroom shower is roomy. All our needs are being met and we want from nothing. Our plan moving forward is to vacation 4 winter months on the Treasure Coast/Atlantic Ocean in Florida, 2 summer months on the beaches of Newport RI and the remainder of the year at our 3.5 acre home in The Hudson Valley/Catskills Mountains the rest of the time.

A quick rearrangement of our budget makes our 2020 retirement dream come true. Somethings got eliminated,  other things got added in. Our bottom line remains the same. Just our dreams and desires got modified.

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper.



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