How To Plan For A Good Retirement

I’m certain you don’t want to see endless photos of my time at the ocean. I am, however, certain that you’d like to make your own retirement the best it can possibly be. That takes planning. You have to envision your retirement years and you have to plan to somehow make it happen.

Yesterday’s walk on the beach

The New Retirement website offers these 65 ways to make your retirement dreams come true. I can’t list them all here but you can go to their website by clicking here. I can, however list a few hints.

A happy retirement is no longer really about sitting with your feet up and watching the rest of the world whiz by. Many people now think that retirement is a time for embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures. This is the time to do what you want with the experience-laden good sense to appreciate it.

Here are the top 5 tips:

1. Have a Sense of Purpose and Meaning

Make every day meaningful. Oxford University suggests that a meaningful life lessens the effects of aging. And, research from Patrick Hill and Nicholas Turiano found that people who have a sense or purpose or direction in life outlive their peers.

In fact, people with a sense of purpose had a 15 percent lower risk of death, compared with those who said they were more or less aimless. And it didn’t seem to matter when people found their direction. It could be in their 20s, 50s or 70s — even when controlled for other factors that affect longevity like age, gender and emotional well-being.

The study found that a sense of purpose led to a longer life. Explore 4 ways to find meaning and purpose for retirement.

I found this dangerous-to-turtle straw on a deserted beach. I’d like to become involved in a volunteer program to clean up our beaches  

2. Create the Best Retirement Plan Possible

Most people have lived their lives day to day, month to month, year to year.

However, retirement is the time to have the best plan possible. You want to spend this time of your life doing what you want to do and you want to make sure you have the finances and wherewithal to achieve what is important.

A retirement calculator can help you achieve the best retirement plan. Working with a financial advisor is another excellent way to achieve your goals.

3. Make Friends with Your Future

Perhaps the best way to plan for retirement is to visualize your future — really think about the details of who you will be, where and why. Being able to imagine now who you will be in the future and what your needs and desires will be at that time is perhaps the most important aspect of planning.

Explore these 7 ways to visualize your future so that you can create and achieve a secure and happy retirement!

4. Think Health Not Wealth

More than 80% of today’s retirees say health is the most important ingredient for a happy retirement, meaning that the majority value good health even over financial security. According to a Merrill Lynch study, “Americans age 50+ cite health care costs in retirement as their greatest financial concern, regardless of their wealth level. Yet the vast majority of people have not factored health care costs into their retirement planning.”

So, the best retirement plan involves not just your finances but also ways to stay mentally and physically healthy. Gardening, walking, joining a gym, eating healthy are all proven ways to stay physically healthy. Staying vital, having a purpose and challenging yourself mentally are great ways to maintain your mental health.

5. Trade Time for Money

If you can live on a little less than you have been planning, then retirement can be a lot closer than you might have thought possible. Cut expenses dramatically and the time to retire might be tomorrow.

Here are 20 ways to cut costs related to being rich in time!



  1. The health part is the key, and I’m glad you called it out. It is probably the number one thing that will keep me on the work force longer than I hope, if it comes to that. I research what the costs would be for a relatively similar plan to what we have and it is astronomical-like $1800 a month out of pocket, and that is today-not seven years from now. For that, we are looking at a separate retirement account solely for health care needs, that hopefully matures at the rate we will need to tap into it each year. today though, husband has invested in a gym so he can get his strength back in a way that feels supportive (daughter and his very health conscious best friend use this gym) and I a doing an overhaul of our diet for both of us. Oh, and I don’t mind the pictures of the beautiful ocean-I have longing, but not jealousy! It gives me motivation.


  2. Cindi…I LOVE the beach pics!. Since I am stuck here in NY for the winter I will savor the beach pics you post. Quick question…..unrelated to this post…you mentioned a while back that you had acquired dental insurance through some company. I am wondering if you could share some info about that and how it’s worked out for you?
    Thanks and I am glad you are enjoying the beach. Although…it was 66 degrees here in Duchess County today…crazy weather.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Maureen. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. The dental plan we got was through Humana. It boasted free prevention and two free cleanings we were billed $150 each for the cleanings anyway. When I called Humana they said the dentist didn’t clean our teeth the way Humana wanted it done. When I called the dentist they said they’ve been cleaning teeth for 50 years and that’s how it’s done.
      In other words we were paying $42 a month for nothing.
      Most plans are like this. The first dentist we went to, when he saw the plan, threw us out of his office. He wanted $800 each from us before he did anything.
      Good luck.


      • Thanks Cindy for taking the time to respond…sounds disappointing. Did you keep the plan or dump it? i’m going to see what else I can find. Thanks and enjoy the sunshine! we are getting a snowstorm on Saturday….:(


      • I dumped the plan immediately. The dentist redid his bill and I paid him off. Never again. Best to save up your money and then find a good inexpensive compassionate dentist.
        Snow? What’s that? Lol.
        Thanks for your question. Hope I helped.
        Good luck.


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