RVing Update

If you haven’t heard from me, that’s because I’m having fun. It took at least two weeks for DH and I to finally settle into our RVing lifestyle.  A lot of trips back and forth to Wal Mart getting our rig set up and stocked.  Since DH wanted to travel light towing the RV down to Florida, he wouldn’t let me bring down any food, condiments or spices. That meant I had to restock the RV from ground zero.

There’s an Aldi 14 miles from us as the crow flies BUT we lose a half day just getting to it, shopping and heading back. Wal Mart is 2 miles away and with their automated cashier kiosks we’re in and out in moments. Because of this we’re spending a bit more on food than we should plus we have to buy water constantly which is adding to our budget. We won’t drink the local water here regardless of how many filters we use. We go through at least 3 gallons a day at .78 each, which is $2.34 a day, $16.38 a week, $70.20 a month.  Ouch!

Another expense is gas! While it may be cheap, we’re using our tow vehicle to get around and we’re almost burning $80 a week in fuel! So we have decided to stay as local as possible and put our wandering to rest. We do have a few excursions planed, like heading down to West Palm Beach and over to Sarasota but that’s about it.

New on the front is we changed our RV site. As beautiful as our view was, so was the constant traffic noise. Hubby and our dog couldn’t stand it after a while. Me? I bought myself ear plugs but after a Friday night car fest, I wanted to move to a quieter site too, which we did. We don’t have our view but we have peace and quiet! Plus are new site is super roomy. Perfect to have a BBQ with a few of our new found friends.

Our new spot.  Super roomy  and super quiet!

One of our favorite things our new RV has is a well thought out kitchen. Since DH and I love to cook, this was very important to us. Going out to eat here can be very expensive. Especially in Vero Beach. So we’ve been having three meals a day plus packing snacks with us where ever we go. The one time we were out and about and felt hungry, we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A and got a $3.99 grilled sandwich. We also did one take out pizza ($17!!!) but other than those we’ve been eating at camp.

Lastly, hubby was missing swimming in a pool.  He does his laps to stay in shape and keep his heart healthy.  Our RV Park doesn’t have the many amenities we had become accustomed to and one of them is a pool. No worries.  Every community has a community pool and this community didn’t fail us.  They have a community pool that boasts it can accommodate 256 swimmers at the same time. Over 200,000 gallons of heated water in the most beautiful, majestic setting, immaculate condition as possible.  A three month membership for the both of us was $53. So, after our morning time at the beach, we come to the pool to swim and exercise. By 7:30 in the evening, hubby and I are ready for bed! I don’t have any photos yet of the pool but I will next time. The pool is awesome!





  1. Sounds fantastic! It is exciting to find a home away from home. The food looks amazing. (My husband is also stubborn about trailering weight….ugg)


    • Thanks Janette. We keep our meals simple. Breakfast is either oatmeal or eggs. Lunch is always a sandwich. WaMart bakery is good and inexpensive. Great rolls! Dinner is something grilled, now that we have the outdoor grill set up. WalMart has great washed veggies in microwaveable bags. I’ve been using my rice cooker a lot! We even have ice cream in our freezer! Dessert is either fruit or again, something out of WalMarts bakery with a nice cup of decaf coffee.
      Who knew?


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