Oops. I Did It Again.

I fell again. This time it wasn’t my fault. This time it was hilarious. This time I could have been killed. DH and I had just finished our morning swim when he wanted to go out to eat for an early lunch. We stopped by our favorite Tiki Bar.  DH went to the men’s room. I went to a table outside with a near perfect view of the inter coastal waterway. I sat down in my chair. Immediately I felt it sinking. The woman behind me said I was going to fall and I did.

It was all in slow motion but fast.  The chair tilted backwards as it sank into the sand and within seconds I was flat on my back, upside down with my feet up in the air and the table came crashing down on my legs. I was stunned. I didn’t know what happened.  I was incapacitated. I was alone.  Hubby was still in the men’s room.

My head just missed some of the decorating border stones. luckily I wound up in the sand and not the concrete patio. The couple who were sitting next to me immediately came to my rescue. The man and woman both grabbed my arms and helped me back up.  As I said I was disoriented.  The man asked if I wanted to sit at their table and I said yes. I was mortified.  I kept covering my face saying “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Finally my husband joined us and when I recanted what had happened, we all laughed at the stupidity of the whole thing. Nonetheless, I could have been killed instantly if my head hit one of those border stone boulders.  Imagine coming out of the bathroom only to find your spouse dead? That’s how life can change in an instant. The waiter came out. Finally. I said I should get a free lunch. Waiter said no. What about a free drink? Waiter declined. Meanwhile the tops of my left foot were bleeding. If this were New York, I’d have gotten what ever I dam well pleased.

Anyway, hubby and I went on to have a delightful lunch with our new found friends, David and Sally. They are from Cape Cod but winter in Florida. They turned us on to their retirement community of 5000 residents, with only $65 monthly HOA fees, low property taxes, three heated swimming pools, a golf course, shopping center, community club house. Needless to say they invited us over for drinks and hubs and I are taking them up on the offer.

Funny how life happens.

PS: The gentleman, David, turned out to be an attorney.  Yup. It sure is funny to see how life turns out. As the evening progressed I started to feel the pains of my fall.  My right elbow is black and blue, my left foot stopped bleeding but is scraped. My back is sore.

I should have gotten that free lunch. And a few free cocktails to make the pain go away.

Our favorite lunch spot.



  1. Yup. We stayed in our 5th wheel near Mount Dora FL every year, or my dad did and I would be down there helping him a lot. Exact same thing happened. I didn’t get hurt. It’s like a sink hole with those lawn chairs. It happened so slow and I didn’t really go over backward so all was well. Terrible feeling.


  2. I’m appalled they did not try and make sure you were OK, and provide some sort of lightness to help. If the position of the tables was the problem, and not your actions, they have a huge liability, wouldn’t they? I hope the bruises and soreness is short term. Ouch.


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