A New Beginning

I had an epiphany last night. I came to the realization that I am retired AND I’ve accomplished many of the goals I set out to achieve. Imagine that? I had no idea.

So I decided I wanted to start over.  Make this day the first day of my new life.  I asked Word Press to get rid of my past, delete all my angst and misery and let me start over fresh.

I’ll have to do a new start page and introduction. You’ll have to bear with me till I get it done. In the interim, hello! Welcome to my “new” blog.



  1. I believe in starting over! I have been pretty good at that all my life, but have been struggling with perspective. Been taking care of my dad for a year and I seem to be sinking into a bad state of mind. Been struggling with how to reinvent myself, get a work schedule, get respite breaks. So far, I’m still floundering around! Good luck!


      • Time, yes. The problem is I have no control over my time anymore… so this is posing a challenge I’ve never faced before. I’m essentially in prison 99% of the time (whether I’ve chosen that or not) so I have to adjust my thinking to survive it and not get ill. Concentration camp survivors did it and they are going through way worse than me! So I’m working on it! Thanks for the kind words.

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    • Hi, Lynn. I was my husband’s caregiver for 10 years until he passed away in May of last year. If you contact your local board on aging, they can help you. There are respite possibilities and help for seniors. also, there are local groups of caregivers that meet and discuss the situations and learn/share how to handle things. Reach out. Help is available. If he is unable to care for himself, his doctor can prescribe hospice at his home. They check on him and help the caregiver. Make time to get out of the house, even if you have to pay someone to stay with him. Some churches can help. It is very hard to handle everything alone. If you want to hear more about the help you can get, email me at sandbnc07@yahoo.com

      Cindi, I hope you don’t mind me butting in, but I hate to see anyone suffer through caregiving alone. And I am looking forward to following you in your new reincarnation (!). I have followed you through several different blogs now and I’m still here!

      Ann M in Virginia

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      • Thanks, everybody! I’ll email you, Ann, sometime soon. Dad is 88 and has Parkinson’s and chokes and falls but he is still pretty with it, just some confusion. He is not ready to die so having Hospice in yet would not work–even though I’ve heard they will help with Parkinson’s. It would upset him. I do get some respite if I want from the Medicaid folks (he just qualified having gone through his annuity and they pay me a little bit to care for him since we didn’t want him to go to a facility). Dad doesn’t like it when I have other people in here, of course–says they are “pushy.” He manages to push ME around pretty good. I have to pay Comfort Keepers to come in if I go downstate for doctors at a rate twice what I get paid, plus I only get paid for 25 hours/week when I’m here 24/7, so I have to save up a month to leave here for two days And when I leave it’s usually for doctor appointments downstate (though my daughter did arrange for me to come to Green Bay and see Hamilton–a weekend away). It’s been a year now I’ve been here and it seems to be wearing on me. I should probably be adjusted to it. Thanks so much for thinking of me, both of you.

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    • Oh, and I DO get Dad geared away in his bed with a urinal and phones and fall devices and all and run out for a quick dinner with my friend next door every Thursday night! So I do get out of here a little. He stays a bit alone when I run to the store or have my hair done. So I do get that!

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      • Lynn, the last two years that my husband was alive, my daughter and I would run about 3 miles away and have pizza! will always go to that place because they helped save me and didn’t even know it! Ann M

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