11 Bone Chilling Reasons Why Not To Blog

Tim Ferris, famed blog author of The Four Hour Workweek, put out this post regarding all the horrific, scary, life threatening things that happens to him constantly over his blogging life.  Click here to read the post.

The article scared me so much I deleted my own blog back posts and all related social media to said blog.  I also privatized several of my YouTube videos. Yeah, it’s that scary.  Personally, I don’t need such mayhem in my life. I’ve got enough self induced calamities to share alone, I don’t need any more help. But I had to ask myself “what’s it all about and what’s the purpose?” Answer: nothing. 

I blog because I love to write about my favorite topic: me. And I like to make a bit of spending money. I think I have something to say that will help others. But if by voicing my opinion leads to my own personal mayhem, I’ve got to seriously rethink my goal plan.

My purpose here is to tell people and to show people, through my experiences that if you, for any reason, don’t have a million + money saved for retirement, you can still live a somewhat decent retirement lifestyle. Will there be sacrifices? Yes. Will you be living less than what you think you deserve? Yes. But if you can finagle a roof over your head and some Social Security or a part time job money coming in, you’re gonna make it.

I wasted too much money in my lifetime. I didn’t make such great investments. I bought too many expensive items like cars, RVs, houses and lost a lot of money doing so. Hubby got ill in his last remaining earning years so we didn’t have that expected income materialize either.

This past winter I purposely rented a snowbird spot in a not so great location. Why? I’m sad to say it was because it was easily affordable. As a Mad Retiree and nearing 70, I don’t want to go into any more debt than I have to. I don’t want to spend the next few months paying off my snowbirding bill at 24.99% interest. I faced my reality. Needless to say I learned a lot about retirement from my fellow retirees and I actually had fun. So much so I rebooked for next year.

My most major advice to you and to anyone else retired or otherwise: save, save, save. You gotta have at least $250,000 cash just to pay off  your Medicare deductibles and co-pays for twenty years, at least, for two people.

Need some inspiration: Meet 80 year old Suzanne. She lived in this run down RV with her son. Suzanne uses a walker to get around. Last week her car was repossessed and she was evicted from her rented RV. All her belongings were cleared out and left on the side of her RV. She has 10 days to pick up her stuff otherwise all her possessions will be tossed in to the trash bins.

When you see something like this happen, right in front of your eyes, it changes you. It’s a wake up call. Don’t ever be so smug and think these things can’t happen to you because they can. Susie used to work for Pepsi.  She had a career. But she was cheated out of her pension, laid off and tossed aside. Her son, for whatever reason, didn’t fare much better.

You want to send me nasty comments or threaten my well being because I question the truth or expose the lies? Is that my reward? You think I make up stories or do you think I speak from experience? Am I an idiot or a loser? Maybe. But who cares? I’m not going to live in fear like Tim Ferris does. I barely have 500 followers let alone millions as Ferris does.

I blog because I have a passion for writing. I also write about the only topic I know perfectly well and that’s myself. I am, however, not going to write so much personal stuff about me, my family or friends anymore. I’m just going to write about my travels and discoveries. If these things upset you, send me a personal note. Let’s discuss.

In the interim, if you enjoy my writing and want to read more, I’ve started accepting five dollar donations. Look to the right of my posts (if you’re on a computer) or to the bottom of my posts (if you’re on a mobile device) and you’ll find my Word Press Pay Pal donation link.

Live well, my friend and prosper. Live well. And prosper.


  1. As someone who worked on psych units for years, I always tell people, you should be way more scared than you realize. The internet and opened 24 hour stores are their playgrounds…….at least the individuals I worked with. I have experienced death threats and all that junk……..many people who work in this field do. It’s a crazy world out there!


  2. Good article. This is the reason my Facebook and Instagram accounts are private. I had a blog many many years ago and took it down, I’ve taken my pictures off any identifying accounts such as google or amazon.

    As a retired psychiatric social worker, it does not surprise me AT ALL. Here I am, 3 years post retirement, still very aware that it’s very easy too tie my name and professional license to an actual location. Terrifying. Although have never been famous, I have had patients who have called my home (despite having an unlisted number), locate my children, and relatives. There are websites out there that actually give out this information. I never post anything that can identify me publicly. Too scary. Be safe Cindi.

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  3. Note to Mr. Millionaire. Ever hear of family relations? Of family members living near each other? Ditto for friends? Having friends live near each other? People being laid off at the same time? Misery loves company. Anybody keeping you company in your misery?


  4. That’s very sad about that elderly woman and I find her situation scarier than what Tim Ferris says. I’ve been blogging since ’12 and am close to 4,000 followers which is nothing compared to some of those big name bloggers. I receive predominately positive comments and have never feared for my safety, but that doesn’t mean I’m not careful in what I share. Great thought provoking info!

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