Sixty Days On The Road

There’s no doubt that the sixty odd days I’ve spent on the road changed me. I met new people. Got to experience different lives being led by others so much different than my own. Priorities have been turned upside down. What I thought matters no longer does. I wanted a route to discovery and change and I wasn’t disappointed. And I don’t think I’ll ever be going backward in the very near future.

I was able to figure out what I wanted for the rest of my life. I figured out how I could accomplish what I wanted too. It was startling to me to discover that what I thought I wanted for years wasn’t really a possibility. No wonder the feelings of angst and frustration hindered me. I left my comfort zone and ventured out onto the unknown. And I didn’t act scared about it. I just jumped right in with both feet and both eyes wide open. How many people get to experience something like that in their lifetimes? I have no idea. But I did.

Life is good in flip flops, stretch shorts and tee shirts. Life is even better when your expenses are streamlined and you owe out less with each passing year. Every season I discover I can make do with less while living more to the fullest.

Same house.  $400k in rich neighborhood  $180k in upcoming neighborhood. Yes please. 

I have a choice in my retirement. I can live in an upscale neighborhood, in a beautiful home, chained to an environment encased in status upkeep and woe. It’s a difficult life. One that my finances stretch. Or I can choose a less statistical neighborhood, one not reflected in daily status. We’ll have enough leftover resources for hubby to finally get his sailboat, acquire a more powerful tow vehicle to get us up the mountains of Colorado and me, my dream red convertible mustang. Throw in a trip or two of cruising the isles of Greece and seeing my Italian cousins one more time before I die.

I’m just so grateful I get to choose my future.  Some people aren’t so lucky.





    • Yes. Yes. In two years. As soon as hubby gets Social Security we’re out of New York. If we could leave sooner we would but we’d lose too much money over our retirement lifetime.


    • Have you heard about the new laws being passed in NY? They’re letting criminals out in the streets, telling the farmers how to run their farms, thus they’re shutting down. No safety. No farm fresh foods. The state is crazy. We’re like so outta here.


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