What Do You Do When You’re Tired Of Cooking?

We’ve been cooking for ourselves for over seven weeks straight In our RV. We’re tired. Other than fast food, take out or processed foods, what do you do when you’re tired of constantly cooking? I’ve been eating sandwiches but hubby wants those home cooked meals.

I qualify for Meals On Wheels. Geese. Getting home meals delivered is looking better and better.


    • Hi Sharon. Our RV kitchen is the best part. It’s the clean up that’s the problem. We used paper plates at first but we’re using Corning like dishes. And no dishwasher! Plus we started using the gas range which means pots to clean to!! We’re going to start to go out to eat for a break! Going to enjoy the lunch specials and early bird happy hours 😁

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  1. You’re an amazing cook! To be honest, I think you and hubby might be disappointed with Meals on Wheels. They’re horribly bland and kinda yuck (at least the ones my clients got). There is a big chain here in S. Florida (not sure about whether it’s in your area though) called Palacio de los Jugos). For about $10 for both, (not each), you and your husband can get a meal that will last you for about two days! I always use them when I have a lot of company. They have everything that you can think of, freshly cooked, and very delicious. And their portions are humongous. My husband and I used to use them quite a bit when I was working full-time and they are a life saver !
    Look up there to see if they have them in your area they are definitely worth it.

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  2. OH do I hear you! I hope hubby does ALL the dishes. If not, he needs to do that. I love cooking, but hate cleanup. We are currently committed to not eating out so I’ve been cooking daily this year. And cooking extra for hubster’s lunches (I recently retired and he’s working). And yes, hubster still washes the dishes.

    I will decide on a main ingredient and then google what to do with X. So I’m trying lots of new recipes. Here are a few:

    Eggroll in a Bowl is terrific. Next time I will double the veg mix. (it was cheap at $0.98/bag).

    Cheeseburger Casserole-really good. Hubster said it was great reheated for lunch.

    Leftovers are great and it freezes well. https://www.yummly.com/recipe/Low-Carb-Breakfast-Casserole-2565839

    Taco Soup https://www.yummly.com/recipe/Slow-Cooker-Taco-Soup-9160944

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    • Thanks Elle. These are great ideas. Hubby has been doing all the cooking and the clean up. So I’m helping out with the cleanup. We went out to eat a few times but you’re right. It’s very expensive. Even with the early birds. But it was a nice break. Now we’re back to cooking all the time. I can eat sandwiches three times a day. It’s hubby who likes the fixed meals. Oh well.


  3. I try and mix things up throughout the week. One day going out for a large breakfast, another day having lunch with family. Living on my own, I can’t be doing with cooking something in the oven just for myself, plus all the clear-up afterwards. I otherwise throw stuff in a pan to boil, using a slow cooker is another option. I’m currently going through a phase of eating nuts and salads.


    • Hi Brian. You have some good ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. I just lugged,out our slow cooker and am making pulled pork again. Tomorrow I’ll probably make chicken soup in it. Greatest invention ever!
      Thanks for your comment.

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    • We were hoping to use our grill more too. But it is very windy where we were and almost impossible to keep the flame lit. Clean up on the grill was as you say: super easy. We used our electric frying pan a lot, as also our rice cooker and now the crock pot. Live and learn.

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