Coronavirus Notices

coronavirus image.jpgWe keep getting alerts to prepare for a possible pandemic. Who am I to question? We cut short our vacation, loaded up our car with necessities and are heading back home.

More losses on Wall Street.

I’ll be in touch. Let’s just hope this turns out to be nothing.

Stay safe.


  1. No, I’m not getting alerts. Also, NYC (where I live) claims no cases- LOLPleeese.
    I stocked up on medicine and paper goods just in case. Also, keep the car gassed up and cash in the house. I always have enough dry goods and pet food in the house to stay put if needed. Living through 9/11 taught me that.


  2. Yeah I went out to Walmart and stocked up on medicine and non perishable food. My niece lives in NYC and said everyone she knows there is stocking up.

    Spent $150.00 but if nothing happens I’ll just keep it for hurricane season. Good luck !


  3. We left Florida early as well. It was not due to the virus, but several family issues had come up and we wanted to be home. We prayed the weather would not be too bad. The south has been getting so much this season and a snow storm was issued for Illinois. Luckily the trip was uneventful. We are both glad to be no longer driving. It took us three days.

    The snow was not bad. Now we are back to cooler weather, but that is okay. I like cords and flannel. I have a dusty house to clean, but it feels good to sit in my recliner and sleep in my own bed.

    My grandfather died of the Spanish flu in 1918. That flu circled the world several times. I hope this is not as bad.


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